Call for candidates for the Performance Review Commission (PRC)

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The Director General of EUROCONTROL invites applications for membership of the Performance Review Commission (PRC) for its next term of office (01 August 2023-31 July 2025).

Established in 1998, the PRC provides independent advice on European Air Traffic Management Performance to the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission through the Provisional Council.

Up to four posts will become vacant on 31 July 2023, with the following profiles: Airlines, ANSP/Management, Economics, Safety. Ideally, candidates should also have civil/military expertise.

Candidates must have the nationality of a EUROCONTROL Member State and should have extensive professional knowledge and experience at senior-management level of the profile(s) for which they wish to apply.

Candidates must provide a signed undertaking of independence (see below). PRC Members are appointed in their personal capacity. Once appointed, PRC Members must act completely independently of States, national and international organisations or any other stakeholder.

A Selection Board will review all applications received, conduct interviews and submit a list of up to four proposed PRC Members to the EUROCONTROL Governing Bodies for approval.

The PRC meets in plenary session approximately 4 times a year. In addition, there are also PRC taskforce meetings as well as ad hoc meetings with stakeholders. PRC Members will be reimbursed for their travelling and expenses incurred in connection with PRC business.

Financial compensation may also be payable in specific cases. Details are given in Article 15 of the PRC’s Rules of Procedure (see below). Payment is made per full (or half) working day and is attached to a specific deliverable, such as a PRC meeting.

To apply, please send:

  • Your curriculum vitae highlighting your experience in the Profile(s) for which you are applying, namely: Airlines, ANSP/Management, Economics, Safety, as well as any civil/military expertise you may have;
  • Your completed written undertaking.

Completed applications should be emailed to Mr David ARTIEDA, Secretary to the Provisional Council (Secretariat) by 16:00 on Wednesday 30 November 2022. Nominations received after that date will not be considered.

For questions or clarifications, please contact Ms Deniz AKTUG, Senior Advisor to the Director General.

Undertaking of independence

Terms of Reference & Rules of Procedure

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