Call for candidates for the Performance Review Commission (PRC)

13 July 2017

The Director General of EUROCONTROL invites applications for membership of the current Performance Review Commission (PRC).

Established in 1998, the PRC provides independent advice on European Air Traffic Management Performance to the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission through the Provisional Council.

There will be up to three posts filled. Preference will be given to candidates with profiles in the areas of Environment, ATC/Operations and/or Airports. Ideally, civil/military expertise should be provided across some of the profiles.

Candidates must have the nationality of a EUROCONTROL Member State.

Candidates must provide a written undertaking with their application stating that, if appointed to the PRC, they will act independently and will abide by the provisions of the PRC’s Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure. Once appointed, PRC Members must act completely independently of States, national and international organisations.

The PRC meets five times a year. PRC Members will be reimbursed for their travelling and expenses incurred in connection with PRC business. Financial compensation may also be payable in specific cases.

To apply, please send:

  • Your curriculum vitae;
  • Details of your profile in the areas of Environment, ATC/Operations and/or Airports, as well as any civil/military expertise;
  • A completed undertaking of independence.

Completed applications should be sent to Mr Gerard KROL, Secretary to the Provisional Council (Secretariat) EUROCONTROL, Rue de la Fusée 96, 1130 Brussels, Belgium, no later than Friday 15 September 2017 please. Nominations received after that date will not be considered.

The deadline for submissions has passed.

Please click here for the Terms of reference of the PRC and Rules of Procedure.