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Israel Airports Authority (IAA) and EUROCONTROL conducted a joint cyber-security exercise on aviation systems

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The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) and EUROCONTROL are strengthening their cooperation in the field of cyber-security in air traffic management.

Earlier this month the IAA hosted EUROCONTROL for a joint 'capture the flag' exercise on aviation systems.

The 'capture the flag' exercise consisted of various challenges in different fields related to cyber and in changing levels of difficulty. All in a self-contained simulated/test environment, fully isolated from the operational environment.

Scenarios were developed by the IAA for which some objectives (flags) have been defined. IAA's Security Operation Center (SOC) Analysts and EUROCONTROL's European Air Traffic Management Computer Emergency Response Team (EATM-CERT) tried to solve the challenges and achieve those objectives (capture the flags). This kind of exercise aims to train cyber-security experts of both organisations in order to maintain their skills in a fast-evolving domain where hackers’ creativity has no limit.

This first exercise involved the IAA and EUROCONTROL only, but the aim is for IAA to host an annual 'capture the flag' event, potentially involving stakeholders from other EUROCONTROL Member States.

“I’m thrilled about this Joint Capture the Flag (CTF) exercise where EUROCONTROL/EATM-CERT and IAA's SOC Analysts faced multiple cyber challenges. This joint CTF exercise paves the way for a long and fruitful cooperation between the IAA and EUROCONTROL with the aim of opening further to other aviation stakeholders who wish to improve their cyber skills and preparedness.”

"The Civil aviation industry is undergoing dramatic digitalization processes. International cooperation is a must in addressing long-standing and emerging cyber challenges. I'm excited about this Joint Capture the Flag exercise.  CTF challenges are a great way to learn techniques, strengthen the problem-solving skills and gain critical hands-on practice"

Roee Laufer Head of the Cyber Division at the Israel Airports Authority (IAA)

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Making aviation more resilient

Cyber attacks pose a serious risk to the aviation sector, but we all know that no business will ever be 'cyber-proof'. So what can we do about it?
At EUROCONTROL, we work closely with our partners to build on existing initiatives to create a cyber resilience framework and make it available to all stakeholders across Europe.

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The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) is responsible for civilian airports in Israel and manages land terminals on Israel's borders. It also manages and operates Israel's civil airspace.  Annual Passenger Traffic 2019 reached 29,000,000 in all terminals.

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