Bringing B2B user communities and NM closer together

15 February 2019

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) is a main driver towards the digitalisation of air traffic management in Europe through its business-to-business (B2B) web services, which have been further strengthened by the creation of a new coordination group, the NM B2B User Panel (B2B-UP), which met in January for the first time at EUROCONTROL HQ. 

The B2B UP “improves the proximity between service consumers, B2B users, and the EUROCONTROL Network Manager as service provider”, notes Jean-Pierre Aiguier, Head Of EUROCONTROL’s Network Technical Systems, “bringing together the four main communities of key users: airports, airlines, ANSPs and computerised flight plan services providers”.

The User Panel comprises Air France, Air Support, Copenhagen Airport, DSNA, ENAIRE, Gatwick Airport and RocketRoute, all major users at the forefront of NM B2B Web Services usage. “The main drive of the B2B-UP is to match NM B2B Web Services ecosystem development with NM technical plans”, emphasises Benjamin Cramet, Chairman of the B2B User Panel. The first meeting saw participants share their plans for the coming years with the EUROCONTROL NM, with focus on further automation and full digital data exchange.

First introduced a decade ago, NM’s B2B web services enable deep integration of core operational NM data and services into local processes. NM’s B2B interface allows NM customers to retrieve and use NM information in their own systems as part of the NM Interoperability Strategy, to enable real-time information exchange at a global level. NM’s B2B services follow the ‘open data’ principles of the European Digital Agenda and the European Aviation Strategy, unlocking ATM data to bring business opportunities for users. They have triggered innovation, and led to operational efficiencies both locally and at network level, by eliminating manual processes and increasing the timeliness and accuracy of information.

ATM stakeholders interested in finding out how our B2B services could benefit their business are warmly invited to attend the next NM B2B Technical Forum on 11 and 12 June 2019 at EUROCONTROL Brussels (registration to be launched shortly), where they will be able to hear from NM and key users on the User Panel on the future evolution of these core services.

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