The Brazilian Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) joins EUROCONTROL EAD for the provision of NOTAM and Flight Briefing Services

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DECEA, the Brazilian Department of Airspace Control, has become the first South American air navigation service provider to join EAD, the European Aeronautical Information Services Database network.

Managed by EUROCONTROL on behalf of its Member States, EAD is the world’s largest aeronautical information services (AIS) database, now used worldwide by 55 States (including 43 ECAC States), and more than 200 airspace users and industry suppliers. EAD offers a safer, faster, more accurate and cost-effective solution than non-harmonised methods of AIS.

“EUROCONTROL’s EAD offers a fully integrated AIS system that supports aviation partners worldwide by providing data quality that is rigorously checked and up to the highest international standards. I am delighted about the latest partnership with DECEA, and look forward to continuing our cooperation as we strive to provide the best solutions for operational stakeholders.”

“DECEA’s use of the EAD INO service will contribute to making international NOTAM available to Brazilian users with more opportunity and accuracy, since INO gathers them at a global scale, all verified and standardized in ICAO format. With the new access to all international NOTAMs from a single source, our NOTAM Centre will increase efficiency and be able to best deliver and provide for the needs of users of the Brazilian Airspace Control System.”

Brigadier Eduardo Miguel Soares Head of DECEA Sub-department of Operations

The International NOTAM Service (INO) provides airspace users with a single direct access point to NOTAM, SNOWTAM and ASHTAM, through a user-friendly graphical user interface, for consultation and for flight briefing purposes. DECEA’s move to join EAD comes at a time of international efforts by ICAO to raise awareness of the importance of regularly updated NOTAMs, with pilots, dispatchers and aircraft operators often struggling to retrieve operationally significant information out of an increasing number of NOTAMs that do not adhere to international standards and recommended practices.

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Background on DECEA-EUROCONTROL cooperation

As a branch of the Brazilian Air Force, DECEA is Brazil’s air navigation regulatory organisation and the country’s main ANSP. DECEA and EUROCONTROL have established two ongoing cooperation agreements since 2015, with multiple joint projects including the development by EUROCONTROL of a workforce planning system for DECEA, and the exchange of real-time flight plan data from DECEA to the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s Operations Centre (NMOC) using NM’s B2B network.