Brand new ATM security courses

28 November 2016

How could the CNS infrastructure be compromised? What can we do about it? Is there a systematic way of identifying security threats and mitigating them? What do ICAO and European regulations tell us about ATM security?

EUROCONTROL has extended its portfolio of ATM security courses with the aim of raising ATM security awareness, describing systematic approaches to ATM security and creating a basic understanding of the relevant regulatory aspects.

The first few courses in our new ATM security portfolio were successfully delivered at our Training Institute in Luxembourg from 21 to 25 November 2016. A total of 56 participants from 16 organisations attended the first courses:

  • Managing security in ATM [SEC-MS]. This course guides participants through an ATM-related security risk assessment, making use of the existing toolkit. The course also provides a forum for sharing experience in implementing security management systems.
  • Cyber security in ATM [SEC-CYBER]. This course describes the cyber threats to ATM, the vulnerabilities to be mitigated and the methods for managing incidents.

We are also looking forward to focusing on providing a basic understanding of the relevant requirements and on the way in which a national supervisory authority can conduct effective and efficient regulatory oversight of a service provider’s security management system. The Oversight of Security Management Systems [LEX-SEC] course will take place at our Training Institute on 6-7 December 2016.