28 October 2016

The V8B4 version of ARTAS is expected to be released in mid-2017. It will feature a set of functionalities defined in the ARTAS roadmap - fully in line with the Single European Sky initiative.

These improvements will support the implementation of surveillance systems at FAB level, on the one hand, and enhance airport operations, on the other, by tracking traffic both on the ground and within a gate-to-gate environment.

At FAB level, ARTAS V8B4 will deliver increased processing capabilities with additional sensors and tracks, while offering the possibility of managing different sets of tracking parameters in different areas, such as Terminal Manoeuvre (TMA), Inhibit Code Change (ICCA) and en-route areas.

The ARTAS V8B4 release will also be accompanied by a prototype for surface movement surveillance tracking in support of airport operations.

These developments meet the performance requirements set out in the Surveillance Performance Interoperability - Implementing Rule (SPI-IR).

The deployment of ARTAS across Europe is being co-funded by the European Commission under an INEA project entitled “Deployment of Harmonised and Interoperable High Performance European Surveillance System”. INEA is the Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.

Co-funded by the European Union

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