ARTAS deployment beyond Europe

31 October 2016

ARTAS, the ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server, is EUROCONTROL’s surveillance data processing system, designed to produce and distribute a complete view of the air traffic situation at any one time. It calculates aircraft positions by combining data from multiple sensors and radars, using high-performance filtering models to reconstitute flight trajectories in real time.

ARTAS has been implemented in most European countries and is responsible for tracking approximately 80% of Europe’s daily flights.

Recently its use has extended beyond Europe. Partnerships with air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and ATC system providers will speed up the deploying of ARTAS in non-EUROCONTROL Member States Organisations (NEMSOs) via the ARTAS Distributor Licence Agreement (DLA).

This agreement allows accredited partners to distribute ARTAS outside the EUROCONTROL area and to provide installation and maintenance support.

How does this work?

Five years of experience in ATM and surveillance data distribution (SDP) systems in addition to an ISO9001 accreditation are required in order to apply for an ARTAS distributor licence. Once the application has been accepted by EUROCONTROL, the DLA is signed and the new partner is immediately able to deploy one of the best up-to-date SDP systems for its NEMSO customers.

In addition to the ARTAS software itself, the DLA gives access to various ARTAS artefacts (e.g. ARTAS Tuning Guidelines and the ARTAS Training Material), allowing distributors to provide their NEMSO customers with additional ARTAS-related services, thus increasing their revenue and enhancing the knowledge of ARTAS.

EUROCONTROL considers the broader deployment of ARTAS as a way of improving the quality, safety, security and performance of the product because ARTAS will be subject to review by a wider group of users and experts.

The ARTAS market is open

Some ANSPs, based outside the EUROCONTROL area, have already planned to receive ARTAS from Comsoft Solutions – EUROCONTROL’s industrial partner in the context of the CAMOS IV Contract and the first Industry having signed a DLA with the Agency. Other ANSPs and distributors are expected to follow, enlarging EUROCONTROL’s visibility worldwide.

To request the ARTAS Distribution Licence Agreement, please contact the ARTAS Team.

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