Announcing the launch of the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub

Innovation, research and simulation

Brétigny embarks on an exciting next chapter with a new name

As a part of our ambition to transform Brétigny site into a state-of-the art innovation hub with leading simulation and validation facilities, and big data expertise, which is reflected in the centre’s 2022-2029 Business Plan, the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre is changing its name to EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub.

The name change is designed to capture how Brétigny is evolving to better respond to changing stakeholder needs and expectations. The new EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub mission is to create a Europe-wide innovation network developing cutting-edge solutions that aviation needs to respond to current and future challenges.

  • EUROCONTROL emphasises that the centre remains a full part of the Agency, contributing on all levels to the common vision of supporting European aviation.
  • Innovation underlines the forward-looking role of the centre on behalf of the Agency and European ATM.
  • Hub underlines the ambition to bring together stakeholders in a network, working together on a shared objective, avoiding the idea of a centralised function.

The next step for the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub now is to progress with the internal transformation, continue to be the key player in SESAR 3, remain the European reference for simulation, grow the innovation initiative, and strengthen the expertise and services in drones & UAM, aviation sustainability and the application of emerging domains, such as AI, in ATM.

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