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EUROCONTROL boosts capability to assess environmental flight footprint 

Factoring environmental performance early into air traffic management (ATM) concept evaluation is a must on the way towards more efficient and sustainable trajectories. EUROCONTROL has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) for its Research Network Strategic Tool which is now able to estimate 25 different emissions from the fuel burn of flights. The API delivers a more detailed overview on the environmental footprint of new concepts of operations helping to assess sustainability gains through improved performance.

The environmental impact of a flight can be worse than necessary when pilots fly at sub-optimal altitudes or are forced to fly around congested airspace sectors. EUROCONTROL supports European aviation to address these issues and advises on measures that can improve the efficiency of a flight including its environmental performance. With the new API, EUROCONTROL is able to see the evolution of flights year by year and evaluate more easily and in more detail their impact on the environment.

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The new interface allows data exchanges between EUROCONTROL’s model-based simulation tool for evaluating advanced air traffic management concepts (R-NEST) and an advanced emission model. R-NEST is based on the EUROCONTORL Network Manager’s operational tool for operational planning and monitoring, including capacity planning and airspace design (NEST) and capable of running a broad range of complex, operationally relevant analyses.

It can be used to emulate Area Control Centres (ACC) or airports for strategic planning and network level assessment.

The API will be used to perform environmental impact assessments in all SESAR activities in which the use of R-NEST has been identified, including exploratory.

Interested in using R-NEST?

Learn more about our Research network strategic monitoring tool here.

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