Amsterdam Schiphol Airport adopts A-CDM

16 May 2018

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager welcomes Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as the 28th full A-CDM (Airport – Collaborative Decision Making) airport.

Amsterdam Schiphol is the last major hub airport in Europe to be connected to the Network Manager’s systems. It is also the first one to have used our business-to-business (B2B) web services from the start.

Now that Amsterdam Schiphol is fully A-CDM, the amount of traffic sending departure planning information (DPI) in the EUROCONTROL zone reaches 45%. NM is already working with a number of more airports to shortly hit the 50% margin.

Congratulations to the colleagues at Schiphol Airport that have made a major effort to make this happen, working jointly with the operating airlines, LVNL and the EUROCONTROL NM team to make this happen. Well done!

Watch this informative video produced by Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to learn more about A-CDM.

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