All Together Now 2024 video: Why realistic scheduling is vital to a well-functioning network

All together now 2024

As we move closer to the summer months and traffic is increasing EUROCONTROL’s All Together Now 2024 campaign brings you a new video explaining why realistic scheduling and achievable turnaround times are vital to a well-functioning network.

Scheduled airline flights make up 75% of all network traffic. These flights drive the traffic outlook prepared by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager. But unrealistic airline schedules and overly optimistic turnaround times create inevitable delays that affect the entire network. Last summer, approximately 60% of flights failed to depart on time on their second rotation of the day. This highlights the need for greater realism when planning flights and turnaround times benefitting airlines, airports, ground handlers, air navigation service providers reducing unpredictability in the Network and especially for passengers.

Realistic scheduling and achievable turnarounds is one of five priorities EUROCONTROL encourages aviation to focus on as we prepare for busy summer traffic together. The other priorities include:

  • prioritising first rotation
  • disciplined flight plan execution
  • delivering agreed capacities
  • adverse weather management

The explainer videos come as part of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s “All Together Now 2024” campaign to manage busy summer air traffic across the European aviation network. Central to the campaign is our hands-on All Together Now 2024 guide for flight dispatchers, pilots, air traffic controllers, flow management positions and airports that recommends how each can play their part in ensuring efficient air traffic this summer and best cooperate with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre by taking a network view.

The All Together Now 2024 guide is available here:

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All together now 2024

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