All Together Now 2024 video: Why mitigating bad weather impacts on aviation is a top priority this summer

All together now 2024

The summer months are here and network traffic is now close to 2019 levels (with parts of the network indeed well beyond pre-pandemic numbers), and steadily increasing week on week. To manage busy skies as smoothly as possible, the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s ‘All Together Now 2024’ campaign provides operational actors with reference material and videos to explain how we can all best work together to optimise network efficiency and keep delays down. Our latest video explains why mitigating adverse summer weather impacts is so important. Last year saw a 48% increase in en-route air traffic flow management weather delays compared to 2022, causing uncertainty, increased delays, and cross-border bottlenecks.

To better manage peak traffic this summer, NM is collaborating with national meteorological services to share weather data, helping everyone in the network anticipate adverse weather conditions. This reduces their impact on network traffic, leading to fewer last-minute regulations, more reliable planning, and greater network consistency and stability.

Improving adverse weather management is one of our five top priorities for this summer that we are encouraging all aviation actors to focus on, as we prepare for busy summer traffic together. The other priorities include:

  • prioritising first rotation
  • delivering agreed capacities
  • realistic schedules including turnaround times
  • disciplined flight plan execution

The explainer videos come as part of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s “All Together Now 2024” campaign to manage busy summer air traffic across the European aviation network. Central to the campaign is our hands-on All Together Now 2024 guide for flight dispatchers, pilots, air traffic controllers, flow management positions and airports that recommends how each can play their part in ensuring efficient air traffic this summer and best cooperate with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre by taking a network view.

The All Together Now 2024 guide is available here:

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