Adding value by collecting terminal navigation charges on behalf of States

14 March 2016

EUROCONTROL concludes its sixteenth Agreement for Terminal Navigation Charges with Albania.

Our high-quality billing for terminal charges is increasingly popular with stakeholders, and builds on the excellent services and co-operation with all stakeholders of the Central Route Charges Office (CRCO), leading to an excellent recovery rate of over 99% for route charges. Great performance is at the heart of the CRCO, which annually processes over 10.8 million flight messages and bills a total of €8.9 billion in air navigation charges (2015 figures).

This year has already seen a new bilateral Agreement with Albania for the billing and collecting of Terminal Navigation Charges, the sixteenth agreement of its kind, following the conclusion of a bilateral agreement for the billing and collection of terminal charges at Tirana International Airport signed on 23 December 2015 by the Director General of ALBCONTROL, Mrs. Belinda Balluku, and Mr. Frank Brenner, Director General of EUROCONTROL.