New call for operational challenges for our user-driven innovation projects


EUROCONTROL Air Transport Innovation Network

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As part of our efforts to support the digital transformation of European aviation, we have launched the EUROCONTROL Air Transport Innovation Network (EATIN), with our Brétigny EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub orchestrating a number of innovation projects. This initiative is designed to accelerate innovation by bringing digital solutions closer to the end-users and accelerating the uptake of digital solutions in aviation.

These innovation projects aim at solving ‘Operational Challenges’ defined by our Civil and Military operational stakeholders, such as airspace users, air navigation services providers (ANSPs), airports. We aim to improve the way we serve and connect with our operational partners by working closer with them to develop agile, digital solutions and services that address their real needs.

Solutions will be developed through an agile innovation cycle based on selected stakeholder operational challenges/needs.


EUROCONTROL Air Transport Innovation Network

Call for operational challenges/needs

Any European aviation stakeholder delivering operational services can prepare and pitch an idea for an innovation project responding to the operational challenge.

The ideas will be presented in a series of dedicated pitch sessions (20 and 27 October 2023), they will be first prioritised among the stakeholders and then assessed for feasibility, desirability and viability by a committee of EUROCONTROL experts.

Pitch presentations should cover the following sections (not exceeding four slides):

  • Problem description: please provide a short description of the operational challenges/needs proposed to be solved, when possible, including stakeholders involved, the applicability and relevance of the problem to more than one stakeholder and geographical location, current practices and the flow of data and goods as relevant.
  • Expected benefits: please provide a qualitative estimate of the benefits expected from solving the operational challenges/needs.
  • Previous and related work: please summarise when possible, what has been done already or related ongoing initiatives to address the operational challenges/needs if any.
  • Applicant’s contribution: please state the resources your organisation is willing to contribute to the project (data, software, manpower). A minimum of one-person month operational expertise involvement will be required.
  • IPR & confidentiality: please state any constraints concerning intellectual property rights and confidentiality. Note that any prototype developed by EUROCONTROL will be public domain.

Submissions should be provided via a set of slides (max four slides). Bidders are strongly encouraged to submit proposals at least one week before each planned pitch session in order to have the opportunity to present it to other operational stakeholders and to EUROCONTROL expert panel.

Funding and duration

EUROCONTROL is developing the prototype. However, the applicant organisation is encouraged to complement the EUROCONTROL team's resources with their own. The involvement of other R&D organisations and manufacturers for non-funded collaboration will be looked upon favourably.

Innovation projects apply an agile approach with a view to shorten innovation cycles; therefore, projects are scheduled for six to maximum twelve months followed by a go/no-go decision for handover to industrialisation.


Proposals for Operational Challenges/Needs shall be submitted by email according to the following schedule and no later than 20 October 2023 COB.

The pitch sessions will take place on 20 and 27 October 10:00 to 11:30 CET.

Deadline for proposals EATIN Pitch session date EATIN Pitch session date
13 October 2023 20 October 2023  Register for this session
20 October 2023 27 October 2023  Register for this session

All pitch sessions will be virtual (Zoom webinar) and registration is required!

Prepare your proposal now & do not miss this great opportunity.

If you would like to discuss your idea prior to the submission, get in touch with the EATIN team as soon as possible.

Submit your proposal!

Don't miss this great opportunity. The deadline is 20 October 2023.

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