2020 Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP) event

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A single value chain & common planning and reporting process that drives cost-effectiveness

As COVID-19 continues to impact aviation, the 2020 LSSIP event – organised to review progress towards implementing European ATM Master Plan Level 3 objectives – discussed how to ease the reporting burden & avoid duplication.

Held virtually for the first time, the LSSIP 2020 event saw more than 150 stakeholders from 43 States plus European institutions connect on 20 October to take stock of where each one of the ECAC States and EUROCONTROL Comprehensive Agreement States is in terms of implementation progress.

"The level of cooperation developed between the EUROCONTROL Network Manager and operational stakeholders during the COVID-19 crisis has seen partnership strengthen on all fronts. The LSSIP cycle is a key driver for cost-effectiveness as having a single value chain and a common planning and reporting process are fundamental to avoid duplication, and keep your reporting workload as minimal as possible”.

The event looked at what's new for the 2020 cycle; reviewed progress on the European ATM Master Plan Level 3 and on its 2020 Implementation Plan; and considered recent developments, ICAO reporting, NETSYS reporting and reporting tools. This was complemented by an analysis of the influencing factors in the implementation progress across Europe.

An important message to stakeholders at this year’s event was that 2020 was the last year of double reporting to both the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) and EUROCONTROL: both bodies have agreed that the next reporting cycles will pass solely through the LSSIP mechanism, adapted where needed in the future.

Following this event, a new LSSIP monitoring cycle starts, based on the most recent European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan 2020. The results of this reporting exercise will be compiled in a new set of LSSIP documents. Subsequently, a detailed insight into performance is provided at State level. The LSSIP mechanism is also used to analyse the level of implementation of the Aviation System Block Upgrades at ICAO Europe level in cooperation with the ICAO Europe and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office.

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