2019 Safety Forum – bringing the global aviation safety family together to keep the skies safe

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This year’s Forum looked in detail at “safety and procedures” – bringing 250+ of the finest minds from aviation operations together over two days at an event hosted by EUROCONTROL and event co-sponsors the Flight Safety Foundation, and the European Regions Airline Association.

EUROCONTROL and its event co-sponsors the Flight Safety Foundation, and the European Regions Airline Association partners are justly proud of their ‘outcome-based’, highly hands-on Safety Forum, which sees participants split over two days into different tracks to exchange ideas and experiences on the development of new procedures, to hear about real-life cases when adherence to or even a deviation from established procedures saved the day, or how pilots/controllers acted when encountering a situation not covered by any procedures.

Intense discussions help experts learn from industry best practice and look for ways that current safety procedures could be improved, or new ones be designed, helping decision-makers improve safety in aviation at both a general and a system level.

The 2019 Forum, which has now been running for seven years, saw 250+ participants examine via a series of interactive presentations and discussion three main themes: how procedures develop from the drawing board to become published regulations; issues arising from procedural shortcomings; and the increasing influence of technological evolution on procedures.

Celebrating the industry’s shared commitment to safety is also an important component of the Safety Forum, which saw three practitioners honoured this year for their contributions to ensuring a safe industry. Joe Sultana, Director Network Management at EUROCONTROL, was congratulated by Hassan Shahidi, FSF CEO, for “advancing international aviation safety and outstanding service to the aviation industry”.

The prestigious Guest of Honour award for personal contribution to aviation safety was presented by Tzvetomir Blajev, EUROCONTROL operational safety manager and Chair of the FSF’s European Advisory Committee, to Captain Harry Nelson, Operational Advisor to Product Safety, Airbus, for breaking barriers, connecting people and walking the talk in saving lives in aviation. “Collectively, we fight for safety improvements”, noted Captain Nelson in a short acceptance speech in which he stressed the vital role that all Forum attendees play in trying collectively to raise the bar for aviation safety higher and higher.

The third award of the event was the SKYbrary Aviation Safety Award for outstanding personal contribution and commitment to aviation safety. This went to Karen Bolton, Manager Future Safety at NATS, who stressed how for her, “being part of the safety family is an amazing journey, and a tremendous honour to keep aviation safe”.

The recommendations of the 2019 Safety Forum will, along with videos and presentations from the event, be made available to the global community later this month on SKYbrary, EUROCONTROL’s pioneering safety hub, which makes safety knowledge universally available and accessible to practitioners, as part of our commitment to promote best practice and knowledge in aviation safety.