13th joint FAA-EUROCONTROL ATM R&D Seminar: Cutting-edge transatlantic research

The 13th joint Federal Aviation Administration-EUROCONTROL ATM R&D Seminar, which runs 18-21 June 2019 in Vienna, is a key event for the global aviation research community, bringing key players like NASA, Airbus, Uber Elevate, FAA, MIT, Frequentis, EUROCONTROL, ENAC and DLR.

Designed to promote international collaboration, create and reinforce relationships between leading ATM experts and researchers worldwide, and encourage discussion and consensus on major issues, the seminar only takes place every two years, alternating between the US and Europe (the 12th edition took place in Seattle in 2017). In the two decades since the seminar first started, 750+ cutting-edge peer-reviewed papers have been submitted, creating one of the most valuable and widely-used records of ATM research, proposing innovative solutions to today's and future challenges.

Co-chaired by EUROCONTROL’s Dirk Schaefer and the FAA’s Eric Neiderman, the seminar will cover an impressive range of topics such as:

  • Network and strategic flow optimisation
  • Trajectory prediction and trajectory and queue management
  • Separation
  • Enhanced surveillance and navigation
  • Integrated airport/airside operations
  • Economics, finance and policy
  • Globally interoperable systems and data
  • ATM performance measurement and management
  • Safety, resilience and security
  • Environment and energy efficiency
  • Weather in ATM
  • Human factors
  • Autonomous, unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems
  • Complexity science, analytics and big data for ATM

In addition to co-chairing the Seminar, EUROCONTROL plays a key role throughout, hosting workshop sessions, participating in panels and plenaries, and contributing to many cutting-edge research papers which are in contention for awards later in the week.

Latest highlights

  ISOBAR - Winner in the SESAR Exploratory Research category  5th from the left: Ramón Dalmau Codina (EUROCONTROL - Innovation Hub)

ISOBAR and 4DSkyways projects win at the Digital European Sky Awards

Award winners at Airspace World

ATM Awards: wins for EUROCONTROL in the Airspace Management and Collaboration categories

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