“Customised, practical, does away with double reporting: LSSIP is really useful”

27 October 2017

The LSSIP (Local Single Sky ImPlementation) reporting process covers the reporting on the short- to medium-term implementations needed to achieve the objectives set out in the ATM Master Plan Level 3. By implementing these objectives, states will improve their national ATM systems’ performance.

Every year, a Kick-Off Event is held to launch the process. This year, 111 participants from 39 states attended. They were representatives of the national civil and military authorities, national supervisory authorities, ministries, air navigation service providers, airports and other ATM stakeholders.

Presented at the Kick-Off Event were:

  • the ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan 2017 (the basis for the upcoming LSSIP cycle);
  • the Implementation Report for 2016 (showing the outcome of the previous LSSIP cycle);
  • the LSSIP Template;
  • the LSSIP Guidance Package, which helps users to set up a national process for collecting LSSIP data;
  • tools to support states’ work, such as the as the upgraded LSSIP Database and the European ATM Portal.

The European Defence Agency (EDA) and ICAO explained how the LSSIP data is used by external stakeholders. A good example is the 2016 ICAO ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report which is derived entirely from the data collected via the LSSIP process, and so avoids double reporting for our stakeholders.

At separate break-out sessions, participants came up with a number of useable ideas that can now be translated into action. Bilateral meetings with state representatives and LSSIP contact people were held to customise various aspects so as to meet member states’ needs.

The participants expressed great satisfaction with the event and were pleased with the updates and modifications made to the reporting process. They pointed out that the LSSIP mechanism makes for comprehensiveness and stability in the “reporting ocean” that they sometimes flounder in.

They confirmed that the LSSIP mechanism serves the needs of other organisations, such as the EDA, ICAO, EASA and the European Commission, which streamlines their processes and makes for altogether less of a burden for them.

For more information, consult the European ATM Portal Implementation Objectives Monitoring page.