Optimised operational performance


Network Manager

As the Network Manager we work with stakeholders across Europe and beyond to enhance the performance and safety of the air traffic management network.

Optimised Operational Performance

We work with all the different operational stakeholders to deliver a safe, efficient and sustainable European air traffic management system.

As the Network Manager (NM), we develop and operate the air traffic management (ATM) network in Europe and beyond. With our comprehensive picture of the ATM network and unique in-depth expertise, we work to ensure the safe and smooth flow of traffic and address performance challenges strategically, operationally and technically.

Our 20+ years of expertise in centralised flow management allows us to efficiently and safely forecast, plan and coordinate the safe operation of flights.

Hand-in-hand with our partners, we develop solutions to meet current and future airspace and ground capacity needs.

We exchange information with countries across the ICAO European region and beyond to improve traffic flows from the regional to the global level, enhance traffic predictability and safely increase network capacity.

Charting air traffic recovery

We are working hard to support our partners as European traffic recovers. Take a look at some of our regularly updated data and key data-driven products.

Rolling Seasonal Plan

The Network Rolling Seasonal Plan consolidates data from around 350 airlines, 68 area control centres, 55 airports and 43 States into a rolling six or eight-week period plan updated on a weekly basis, enabling all actors to match capacity and demand.


We manage a seamless European airspace by linking together the elements of the European air traffic management system. Focusing on performance of the European network, we ensure that flights reach their destination safely, on time, with the least possible impact on environment and in a cost-efficient way.

Between 2012 and 2016 we contributed to
100 million

fewer nautical miles (NMs) flown


tons fuel saved

2 million

tons in emissions reduced

500 million

euros fuel saved


Airports integration

Enhancing airport performance to improve network predictability.

Airspace design and utilisation

Drawing airspace highways to make the network safer and more efficient.

Communications, navigation and surveillance

Managing scarce resources and monitoring infrastructure performance.

Disruption and crisis management

Ensuring the network runs smoothly in any conditions.


Looking ahead together to prepare for future traffic.

Network operations

Powered by the Network Manager Operations Centre.

Network operations planning

Meeting network demands by setting tangible milestones for the future.

Network performance

Monitoring, analysing and reporting on the performance of the network.

Strategic projects

We lead the evolution of the European network. We innovate and develop the concepts and systems that will power the future network and fulfil the needs of our stakeholders.

Key documents

European Network Operations Plan 2024-2029 cover
FPFDE NFPM Implementation Guidelines - cover
Network Manager Annual Report 2022
Cover of the European Network Operations Plan 2023 - 2027

Digitalisation & interoperability

Making ATM data widely available and promoting interoperability based on open standards is a core goal of the Interoperability Strategy of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager, an ambition that is fully aligned with the European Aviation Strategy and the goals of the Digital Single Market.

More than 100 services and 200 organisations worldwide connect to the Network Manager, contributing to the growth of the aviation ecosystem by operationally developing connectivity in and beyond Europe, and creating economic value for the entire ATM user community.

Technical systems

Our complex operational systems are powered by IT services that guarantee the smooth round-the-clock operation of our services.
At the same time, we actively improve efficiency and reduce the cost of support. In addition, we provide ad-hoc technical support for ATM stakeholders.

Our systems

Enhanced tactical flow management system

Provides enhanced tactical data to all operational stakeholders.

Integrated initial flight plan processing system

Rationalising the reception, initial processing and distribution of flight plan data related to IFR flight within the ICAO EUR Region.


The NM operates through the Network Management Board that steers the execution of the network functions including the performance of the tasks of the Network Manager.

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