The existing air navigation system and its sub-systems suffer from technical, operational and economic shortcomings. New advanced systems and concepts can offer potential improvements in terms of safety, environmental impact, efficiency and economy, provided that their implementation is based on a fully coordinated, harmonised, evolutionary and flexible planning process.

What we do

Taking an aircraft from A to B is the main challenge of navigation. How accurately can an aircraft maintain its path given the wind or interference with signals received? What role does the pilot play in steering the aircraft along its path? Today, many cockpits of commercial air transport aircraft are highly sophisticated with integrated modular avionics accepting information from a variety of sources and auto-pilots that make it possible for the aircraft to steer itself.

Despite impressive sophistication in navigation capability, it is generally true to say that much of the work keeping navigation experts busy today still revolves primarily around positioning and steering (horizontally, vertically and in the 4th dimension, time).

As regards navigation applications covering PBN and precision landing, the emphasis is on navigating through different phases of flight and on the need for increasing levels of confidence in navigation performance the closer the aircraft is to the ground. The navigation infrastructure refers mainly to positioning, and provides position information to the aircraft.

The EUROCONTROL Navigation team is made up of experts in the different fields of navigation infrastructure (including both conventional navaids and Global Navigation Satellite Systems - GNSS) and navigation applications.

Roles and responsibilities

The navigation team:

  • contributes to navigation-related SESAR projects;
  • supports navigation-related activities of the EUROCONTROL Single Sky Directorate;
  • leads stakeholder groups looking at the current status of navigation and its future, in support of the Network.
  • supports the Network Management functions as described in the Service Catalogue.

Navigation support team

If you wish to have specific information on a particular navigation topic, please contact us