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Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre

Performance through innovation.

Cross-border air traffic management


The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) manages the upper airspace (from 24,500 to 66,000 feet) over Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and north-west Germany - one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspace areas.

We are pioneers in the delivery of customer-focused, reliable and impartial air traffic management services.

We are the only cross-border civil-military air navigation service provider in Europe and have played a pivotal role in integrating European airspace, building our services around traffic flows not national borders.

What makes us unique


This is our top priority! Our safety management system and robust safety culture contribute to an excellent safety record.


Our multinational approach ensures that civil and military air traffic is managed as efficiently as possible irrespective of national boundaries.


We aim to deliver the highest possible level of performance through safety, punctuality, cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.


We record the highest levels in controller productivity and sector throughput in the core of Europe.


We are committed to developing innovative and proactive solutions to address the structural limitations of our congested airspace.

Customer focus

Our customer-oriented approach allows us to offer independent, transparent and flexible responses to our customers’ operational challenges.


Our MUAC ATM Knowledge Centre (MAKC) relies on close to 50 years of experience in efficiently managing air traffic across borders and guarantees a 25% improvement in ATM service delivery performance.


Tactical support and pre-tactical planning

Helping you through any (pre-)tactical questions/issues.

Flow management position pre-tactical cell

Test and check-flight approvals

Get your prior authorisation for a test/check flight in MUAC airspace.

Executive Duty Supervisor

Incident investigation and notification

Helping you with safety-related operational events in MUAC airspace.

Incident investigation department

Nattenheim height monitoring unit

Do you wish to use the NTM HMU? Coordinate with us.

UAC Supervisor
  • +31 43 366 2141
Karlsruhe UAC Supervisor
  • +49 721 6903 216

The Tactical Capacity Manager on MUAC’s flow management position is the (pre)-tactical focal point for any aircraft operator operations control centre in regard to any flight through MUAC’s area of responsibility.

The MUAC Tactical Capacity Manager on duty is on-call to assist you in the pre-tactical and tactical phases. If you are an aircraft operator and require any urgent assistance, please contact our flow management position Tactical Capacity Manager at any time using the dedicated aircraft operators hotline.

Our team will be happy to provide aircraft operators with any tactical support (on the day of operation) or pre-tactical planning support on D-1+ ( the day before operations or beyond) relating to your flight(s).

We are able to advise you on the most favourable routeings and re-route possibilities for your flight if required tactically. We can also provide updates to you on the latest status of pre-tactical ATFM regulations, sector configurations, forecasts or slot and other operational issues.

For all these topics, contact the flow management position pre-tactical cell via:

telephone: +31 43 366 1473
fax: +31 43 366 1320

Test/check flights are subject to prior approval by the Executive Duty Supervisor at the EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (UAC). Aircraft operators wishing to perform a test/check flight within MUAC airspace are requested to submit details at least 24 hours in advance by filling the web form below or sending an email for acceptance.

For any other enquiries, please contact the Executive Duty Supervisor

telephone: +31 43 366 2022
fax: +31 43 366 1320

Inquiries on safety-related operational events within the MUAC airspace can be addressed to our incident investigation department.

Our investigators will analyse the event and provide feedback as soon as possible. Please note that they are not able to investigate scheduling and delay issues, e.g. relating to EU passenger rights, nor can they help answer any generic enquiries on specific flights or airline operators.


If you wish to use the Nattenheim height monitoring unit (NTM HMU) for RVSM purposes, please notify us three hours in advance. 

Contact the MUAC Supervisor
telephone: +31 43 366 2141

and the Karlsruhe UAC Supervisor
telephone: +49 721 6903 216

In 2019 we controlled
1.9 million



flights per day on average


flights on our peak day (2018)

99 %

flights arriving on time

260,000 km2

of multinational airspace

Operations and services



Controller-pilot datalink communications at our Maastricht UAC


Free route airspace at Maastricht UAC

Incident investigation and notification at MUAC


Maastricht UAC Air traffic management knowledge centre

Tactical support and pre-tactical planning at MUAC



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MUAC control room
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Managing the complexity of the airspace at our Maastricht UAC

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MUAC is operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The Maastricht Coordination Group facilitates decision making by determining a common position for the four States.