Network strategic modelling tool

Your next simulation tool for network capacity planning and airspace design.

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The network strategic modelling (NEST) tool is simulation software for network capacity planning and airspace design.


    At EUROCONTROL, we use it in our capacity as Network Manager (NM). We also provide it to air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to:

    • optimise the available resources and improve performance at network level; 
    • design and develop the airspace structure; 
    • plan capacity and perform post-operations analyses; 
    • organise traffic flows in the air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) strategic phase; 
    • prepare scenarios to support fast- and real-time simulations for ad-hoc studies at local and network level.

    Access conditions

    To obtain the NEST software, you will need to access our Demand Data Repository (DDR2 web portal). DDR2 is a simple and comprehensive web interface, accessible to registered users. DDR2 provides an accurate picture of pan-European air traffic demand, past and future, from several years ahead until the day before operations. It can be used to support network planning (strategic, seasonal and pre-tactical), for special events, or for major ATM development projects. If you are a DDR2 user:

    1. Access DDR2 web portal
      The NEST software package is available on our DDR2 web portal, part of the OneSky Online platform. 
    2. Install
      Depending on your browser, you will either automatically download the file or you will be prompted to Run or Save it. Save the file, go to your Download (or other designated download folder) and run the installation (double-click on the file and follow the instructions).
    3. Launch
      Once the installation is complete, launch the programme and begin using it.

    If not, visit our dedicated page to learn more and register.

    About our DDR2 web portal


    If you experience problems accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using the contact page on our pages.