Flight information exchange model

Providing harmonised data structures for Flight Information in the scope of FF-ICE

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FIXM provides harmonized data structures for flight information in the scope of FF-ICE.

This covers flight plan information with richer route/trajectory descriptions.

FIXM includes the following components:

  • FIXM UML model and XML schema, which form the main FIXM components;
  • FIXM Implementation Guidance Document, which provides FIXM users with encoding rules, guidance and other clarifications for implementing FIXM;
  • Supporting documents (HTML documentation, data dictionary etc.), as a complement to the main FIXM components. In particular, the FIXM Primer provides an useful entry point to FIXM.

FIXM primer

The FIXM Primer is the entry point to FIXM. It provides an introduction to FIXM, sets it into context, explains how the FIXM community is organised and lists its components and supporting materials.

Our role

At EUROCONTROL, we are one of the principal contributors and co-owners of FIXM, together with the US FAA and other partner organisations which collectively form the FIXM Change Control Board that manages the technical evolution of the model, under ICAO ATMRPP supervision.

We steer the FIXM development to keep up with FF-ICE concept requirements. This keeps FIXM optimised over time by using the feedback from stakeholders. This ensures the model’s alignment with the requirements for SWIM at global and European levels.

FIXM Work Area

The FIXM Work Area is a SharePoint environment supporting the day-to-day work on FIXM. 

Access conditions

The model is available for free on a dedicated website. For direct support from the FIXM community, please consult the FIXM Work Area.

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