Aeronautical Information Exchange Model

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Initially developed by EUROCONTROL for the European AIS Database (EAD) project, the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) has evolved into a global specification for the encoding and the distribution of digital aeronautical information / data.


AIXM provides a logical data model (UML class diagrams) and an XML schema that enable the coding of the aeronautical information that needs to be collected, managed and provided by the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). This is complemented with coding specifications and verification rules/services for particular AIS products, such as the AIP data set, Instrument Flight Procedures data sets, Obstacle data sets, Airport Mapping data sets.

AIXM supports the coding of both the 'static data', equivalent to Aeronautical Information Publication updates, and 'dynamic data', equivalent to NOTAM.

The focus of the AIXM specification is the upstream data chain, from data originators down to and including the publication by AIS of digital data sets. There are many commercial and free applications for AIS that use AIXM as data coding and data exchange specification.


The AIXM specification is managed by an international Change Control Board (CCB) established through the joint effort of EUROCONTROL and the United Stated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The current key objective of the AIXM CCB is to evolve AIXM in order to adequately support the provision of digital data sets by national AIS in accordance with the Annex 15 (16th edition) to the ICAO Convention.

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The AIXM model and accompanying documentation are provided freely, under an open source license.