Minima Estimation Tool (MET)

The Minima Estimator Tool is a software providing an estimate of the operational minima that could be achieved using different types of approaches such as ILS approaches, and RNP APCH, including approaches to:

  • LNAV minima
  • LPV minima (also called APV SBAS procedures, these are designed according to APV 1 or APV 2 criteria),
  • LNAV/VNAV minima (also called APV Baro).

It only addresses the straight-in final approach and the initial and intermediate (straight) missed approach segments.

The latest version (2.27 dated 9 June 2011) takes account of amendment 2 to the fifth edition of Doc 8168 Vol II.


The aim of MET is to support Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) or Benefit Assessments.

It is not intended to be used as a procedure design tool nor to replace existing commercial products although it may be useful during the planning (pre-design) and validation (post-design) phases.

MET is provided on the clear understanding that EUROCONTROL makes no warranty, whether express or implied, arising by law or otherwise, assumes no responsibility to any person or persons, and disclaims any liability with respect to the use of the software and any derivative works including but not limited to, any express or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.


MET was developed to run on Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you wish to use MET, or give your feedback on the tool, please click on the button below or contact RNAV Approach team.

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