Capacity analysis methodology

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The capacity analysis (CAPAN) methodology was developed and is used by EUROCONTROL to support the development, validation and implementation of proposals for airspace and capacity improvement.

The CAPAN methodology calculates sector capacities, based on the evaluation of air traffic controller workload, through a fast time simulation. 

Workload and capacity assessment studies following the CAPAN methodology are performed in close coordination with operational controllers at the air traffic control (ATC) unit concerned, to determine the workload of simulated controller positions for a given traffic sample. 

The CAPAN methodology takes into account highly customisable controller task list and controller working method simulation capabilities, making it adaptable to all ATC systems and working environments.

Evaluating air traffic controller workload and sector capacity makes the CAPAN methodology particularly useful in case of changes to the airspace structure, to the route structure, to ATC procedures or to the ATC system. The CAPAN methodology allows to confirm expected benefits before and after implementation of the change.

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