Innovation, research and deployment


Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation & EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre

We develop and deploy emerging and disruptive technologies to fast-track the evolution of the ATM system.

Innovation, research and deployment


The European ATM system calls for constant and sustainable technological advancements.

As a founding member of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, in cooperation with the SESAR Deployment Manager, INEA and the Galileo Supervisory Agency, and in collaboration with academia and research centres, we develop and deploy solutions to boost innovation and underpin the continuous evolution of the aviation sector.

We bring

Cutting-edge technologies

Our mission is to identify, launch and execute a varied range of targeted projects to develop disruptive technologies.

Research closer to operations

We contribute our unique combination of technical knowledge with a holistic view of the network to bring research closer to operations.

Standardised and interoperable solutions

When conducting our research, we ensure that both civil and military actors benefit from our interoperable and standardised solutions.

Validated concepts

Our high-performance validation infrastructure supports research and airspace users through tailored and impartial simulations to validate any ATM concept.

Accelerated deployment

Our experienced teams further sustainable solutions to expand capacity, mitigate environmental impacts and enhance the economic efficiency of the aviation sector.

Collaborative approach

We encourage collaboration and promote synergies with research bodies on exploratory/innovative projects and emerging subjects.


We support innovation in all aviation domains, focusing on those fields that will have a major impact on its development - such as artificial intelligence, data mining and big data. We work to ensure that emerging and disruptive technologies are fully developed to meet the evolving needs of European air transport. With a view to shaping the future of European aviation research with our partners, we take part in the ACARE (the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe) General Assembly and collaborate in various working groups to help identify main research areas, as well as to define, monitor and update its strategic agenda (SRA).

We actively contribute to ATM industrial research activities in the context of European research programmes. We place special emphasis on the SESAR programme to accelerate the modernisation of the European ATM system and meet the goals of the Single European Sky (SES).

Our Agency is leading, managing or coordinating European research in domains with a profound impact on capacity and safety, such as:

  • runway throughput;
  • demand capacity balancing;
  • user-driven prioritisation;
  • safety nets;
  • U-space.

Our contribution covers all phases of a project, from the development of a concept to demonstrations. We also have a comprehensive suite of models and tools which are used for validation in all research areas:

  • fast-time simulations;
  • ATFM modelling tools;
  • airport simulation platforms;
  • environmental modelling tools;
  • aircraft performance databases;
  • ATC and ATFCM real-time simulations.

SESAR - the European ATM modernisation programme - delivers solutions to help improve the performance of the European ATM network. These solutions are now mature and ready to be implemented operationally through local benefit assessments or via synchronisation and acceleration activities.

As leaders of the SESAR definition phase, we are fully committed to supporting the deployment of these solutions through common projects or enablers. Our focus is on those projects which will most benefit the network – more specifically, those intended to upgrade our Network Manager systems such as:

  • performance-based navigation/PBN;
  • system-wide information management/SWIM;
  • datalink;
  • airport operations.

In conjunction with the SESAR Deployment Manager, we coordinate some of these projects. Through a Memorandum of Cooperation, we have established a joint management programme and technical teams to enhance the implementation of broad, consolidated solutions with a pan-European dimension. They can benefit from the funding of the European Commission and involve one or more stakeholders.

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