Satellite communications datalink

Helping meet the current and future aviation communication needs.

The evolving satellite constellations provide new SATCOM systems offering new capabilities to meet the current and future aviation communication needs.

At EUROCONTROL, we support ICAO in the update of the SATCOM standards (SARPs and Manual) to include provisions for the future SATCOM systems, meeting SATCOM Performance Class B and in the future SATCOM Performance Class A systems supporting ATS Baseline 2 (B2) and B3 service requirements.

Two SATCOM systems are currently being considered as Class B SATCOM systems: the INMARSAT Iris and the Iridium Certus.

In addition, we are actively contributing to the SESAR SATCOM activities. These activities include the validation of a satellite-based air traffic services datalink using the Inmarsat Iris system (SATCOM Class B), which takes advantage of IP-based broadband to provide secure and high-bandwidth cockpit communications for exchanging flight information and trajectory data with the ground for oceanic as well as continental communications. They also cover the evolution towards the long-term SATCOM (SATCOM Class A).