2021 Customer initiative

Enjoy unique ATM services for your flights

The Customer initiative aims to address trajectory inefficiency by proposing optimal flight plan opportunities to aircraft operators.

It offers further value with prepared and coordinated tactical directs, and where possible, offers higher cruising levels and arranges exceptional non-standard routeings and profiles, thus relieving pressure on airline Operations Control Centres (OCCs) as far as possible.

2021 trial

The 2021 Customer initiative trial will run from 15 September to 15 November 2021. 

It will cover the airspace of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK. Results are expected in December 2021.

The objective of the trial is to offer aircraft operators a unique customer service built on the positive results and feedback of the 2020 Customer initiative (fuel, emissions, flying time and route charge savings).

Pre-flight check

An integral part of the Customer initiative, the pre-flight check, is a leap forward in day-of-operation customer services.

It seeks out the best possible planning and execution of flights in support of aircraft operations and fleet management by delivering pre-coordinated and agreed best possible flight profiles, saving fuel, CO2, flying time and route charges, and also resolving or reducing fleet management criticalities where possible.

Procedures to reduce or remove departure delay due to air traffic flow management (ATFM) regulations, which were put in place at an earlier stage, remain untouched.

Combined effort

A combined effort is the key to the best results, focusing extra effort on priority situations and critical flights, and offering solutions which transcend regular constraints.

Given the importance of the intricacies of the network, we are sharing this idea with the Network Manager and other air navigation service providers.

Join the trial and help us achieve as many valuable results as possible.

Sign up for an ATM portal account

The ATM Portal is the solution which supports this service. If you would like to sign up for an ATM Portal account, wish to receive Pre-flight check routeing advice by email at your operations control centre (OCC) position, or have any questions, contact us to receive access.

Share your feedback

We would like to invite you to kindly provide feedback during the trial in order to help us co-create the best customer service together with you.

Trial results

Full results of the trial will be shared in December 2021.