Network Management Board


In the context of the EU Single European Sky Initiative, the Network Management Board (NMB) was created as part of the European Commission Regulation (EU) No. 677/2011 of 7.7.2011 (subsequently amended and repealed by the European Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No.2019/123 with application as from 1.1.2020 (the NF IR)). EUROCONTROL has been nominated by the European Commission as Network Manager for the years 2020-2029, based on Commission Implementing Decision C(2019)709, dated 6.5.2019. The NMB adopts measures related to the governance of the network functions and monitors their performance. The NF IR describes the membership of the NMB and its various tasks.

‘Network Management Board’ means the board established by the above mentioned Regulation that monitors and steers the execution of the network functions including the performance of the tasks of the Network Manager.

The Network Management Board shall be responsible for:

  • endorsing the draft Network Strategy Plan;
  • approving the Network Operations Plans;
  • approving the proposals for remedial measures;
  • approving the specifications for the consultation processes as well as the detailed working arrangements and processes for operations for the network functions and the post operations adjustment process;
  • monitoring the progress in the implementation of the Network Strategy Plan, the Network Operations Plan and the Network Performance Plan and addressing any potential deviations from initial plans;
  • monitoring the activities related to management of the network functions and the performance of the tasks of the Network Manager, including the quality of the services it provides to operational stakeholders;
  • monitoring the Network Manager’s activities related to network crises;
  • monitors Network Manager activities related to network crises;
  • approving the annual report;
  • addressing the issues which are not solved at the level of the individual network function;
  • endorsing the Network Manager’s annual budget;
  • giving an opinion on possible additional functions that might be attributed to the Network Manager;
  • providing recommendations for the purpose of the monitoring of the performance of the infrastructure, including the corresponding cost benefit analyses;
  • giving opinions on the development and provision of common network support services, including the corresponding cost benefit analyses;
  • approving the cooperative arrangements;
  • giving an opinion on the appointment of the manager of the Network Manager.

Working groups

The Network Management Board has three working groups:

  • NMB Budget Working Group (Chair: TBD)
  • Network Directors of Operations (NDOP) Working Group (Chair: Mr Xavier Benavent, ENAIRE, Vice-Chairs: Mr Guillaume Blandel, Director of Operations, DSNA; Mr Adrian Florea, Director Operational Department, ROMATSA; Mr Marco Pellegrino, Head of Operations, Aeroporti di Roma (representing ACI in the NDOP); Mr Rory Sergison, Assistant Director ATM Infrastructure, IATA; and Mr Raphaël Eyrolle, Responsable – Pôle ATM-CNS/SESAR, Air France)
  • Network Directors of Technology (NDTECH) Working Group (Chair: Mr Ulf Thibblin, LFV, Vice-Chairs: Mr Jörg Pikolin, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, and Lt. Col. Ray Martin, Irish Air Corps)


The Board consists of voting and non-voting members.

The NMB's voting members include:

  • one representative of air navigation service providers per functional airspace block;
  • four representatives of commercial and non-commercial civil airspace users;
  • two representatives of the airport operators;
  • two representatives of the military as air navigation service providers and airspace users.

The Board also has the following non-voting members:

  • the chairperson of the Network Management Board;
  • one representative of the European Commission;
  • the manager of the Network Manager;
  • the chairperson of the working group on operations;
  • the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) surveillance authority;
  • two representatives of air navigation service providers of associated countries contributing to the work of the Network Manager;
  • one representative of EUROCONTROL.

The NMB is also attended by the chairperson of the working group on technology.

The Chairman of the Board is Simon Hocquard, Director General of CANSO.

The Vice-Chairs are: Giancarlo Buono, Regional Director Safety and Flight Operations at IATA and Luc Laveyne, Senior Advisor Single European Sky at ACI EUROPE.

Information and consultation of States

The Network Manager regularly updates the Commission on the progress in the execution of network functions and the measures taken. The Commission informs its Member States of that progress and of those measures.

The Commission consults its Member States on the strategic issues of the network functions and takes into account their opinion.

An NMB Chair’s report is included in the report of EUROCONTROL’s Director General to each Provisional Council.