EUROCONTROL draws your attention to fraudulent practices whereby individuals communicate bank account numbers by e-mail. EUROCONTROL never communicates bank account numbers by e-mail.

Beware of fraudsters

Fraudsters pretending to come from EUROCONTROL try to make you pay money into their bank accounts.

Make very sure that you pay EUROCONTROL invoices into EUROCONTROL’s bank account. If in doubt, do not pay and contact us!

Fraudsters use every possible way to achieve their goal of stealing your money. They are becoming very sophisticated and their communications frequently appear to be authentic.

Be careful

EUROCONTROL does not plan to open new bank accounts in the foreseeable future. Mistrust any communication that says our bank accounts have changed.

Never pay money into an account other than an official EUROCONTROL one.

Cross-check bank account details with EUROCONTROL invoices you know to be genuine and contact us if you are unsure.

Never communicate any details about EUROCONTROL invoices to people you do not know. Fraudsters use this information to make themselves sound more plausible when they next contact you.

Report fraud

To report fraud please liaise with your usual contact point.

Air navigation charges fraud

If you are part of our air navigation cost-recovery system, please be vigilant and make sure you are only paying official EUROCONTROL-issued documents.

How to be sure?

Our bank account information is printed on official EUROCONTROL documents, such as bills and statements of accounts, all printed on secured watermarked paper, bearing the EUROCONTROL logo.

Check via CEFA

We send these official EUROCONTROL documents by post on a monthly basis, but they can also be downloaded via our secured extranet for airspace users (CEFA).

Learn more about CEFA

Report air navigation charges fraud

To report fraud please liaise with your usual contact point.

Go to Central Route Charges Office - Contact us form