Free Route Airspace at Maastricht UAC

The implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) allows airline operators to fly direct routes, reducing fuel carriage, engine running time and gas emissions and vastly improving flight efficiency.

The Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC) Free Route Airspace programme defines a stepped and gradual implementation approach whereby FABEC area control centres will develop and implement cross-border free route airspace.


MUAC free route airspace (FRA) is implemented in three phases.

Phase 1 of the implementation process was achieved on 7 December 2017. FRA is since then available between 23:00 - 05:00 (22:00 - 04:00) along with the Air Traffic Services (ATS) route network and Route Availability Document (RAD) Appendix 4 Direct Routing (DCTs). It is available between FL245 and FL660 and not constrained by State or Flight Information Region (FIR) boundaries.

Phase 2 started on 6 December 2018. FRA is since then available between Monday and Thursday between 23:00 - 05:00 (22:00 - 04:00) and between Friday 23:00 (22:00) to Monday 05:00 (04:00) along with the ATS route network and RAD Appendix 4 DCTs.

Phase 3 is estimated to start on 5 December 2019 with 24-hour operations (H24). The ATS route network and RAD Appendix 4 DCTs will be removed.

Operational FRA Area (Phase 2)

MUAC FRA points Download
MUAC FRA Index chart: Download
MUAC FRA Index chart, with traffic flow restrictions on FRA points as published in the RAD Download

CACD Sector ID table describing the allocation of the generic sectors, depicted in the MUAC FRA Index chart above, to the three ATC Unit Airspaces (AUAs) defined i.e. EDYYBUTA, EDYYDUTA and EDYYHUTA:


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Flight planning and ATC procedures

Within MUAC FRA, aircraft operators are able to flight plan direct routes freely, according to the table below, while obeying the corresponding times of availability.




FRA Horizontal Entry Point (E)

FRA Horizontal Exit Point (X)

FRA Arrival Connecting Point (A)

FRA Intermediate Point (I)

Flight plan direct or via one or several FRA Intermediate Points

FRA Departure Connecting Point (D)

FRA Intermediate Point (I)

Filing of unpublished points, defined by geographical coordinates or by bearing and distance, is not permitted in flight plans within the MUAC FRA area.

Within MUAC FRA, DCT segments shall not be planned closer than 2.5 nautical miles (NM) to the MUAC FRA lateral border.

Except for segments defined in ATS Routes, RAD Appendix 4 and Standard Instrument Departure (SID)/ Standard Instrument Arrival (STAR):

  • Lateral entry and exit to/from MUAC FRA shall be planned using the published FRA Horizontal Entry and FRA Horizontal Exit points only;
  • Vertical entry and exit to/from MUAC FRA shall be planned using the published FRA Departure and FRA Arrival Connecting points only;
  • The planning of DCT segments that are partially outside the vertical and lateral limits of MUAC FRA (re-entry segments) is not allowed;
  • The planning of DCT segments across the MUAC FRA border (cross border DCT) is not allowed, except to/from those FRA relevant and significant points, located outside the MUAC AoR as depicted in the MUAC FRA Index Chart..


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