Medium-term forecasts

Medium-term forecasts

Medium-term forecasts of flights and Service Units are published in Spring and refreshed in Autumn each year. For the first two years of the period covered, these forecasts include figures for each month. Details are provided for each State, or group of States and flows.

Monthly forecast

3-year forecast 2022-2024

The most recent forecast, published in June 2022, covers a shorter horizon, three years rather than seven (2022-2024).

EUROCONTROL 3-year forecast for *Europe 2022-2024
Actual and future IFR movements, % traffic compared to 2019

*Europe = ECAC 44 Member States

7-year forecast 2024-2030

For the period from 2024 onwards, reference should be made to the 7-year forecast (2024-2030) that was published in February 2024.