Browse through the upcoming events, workshops and meetings that EUROCONTROL has to offer. Make sure you read our important health measures update below.

Exploring the role of standards in the future airspace architecture
An abstract representation of altimetry system errors.

Important message

We would like to advise stakeholders visiting EUROCONTROL premises for events and meetings that if you have been to one of the areas affected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 (see to the right) within the last 14 days, you should not visit any of EUROCONTROL’s premises.

This requirement holds even if you are feeling well and have had no confirmed contact with someone suspected to be or infected with the novel coronavirus COVID-19. EUROCONTROL meeting organisers are ensuring that stakeholders due to attend meetings are kept up to date on the latest situation.

Affected areas

China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao); Singapore; South Korea; Japan; Iran; Italy; France: l’Oise, in particular in the communes of Creil, Crépy en Valois, Vaumoise, Lamorlaye and Lagny le Sec; La Haute Savoie, in the commune of La Balme; and Le Morbihan, in the communes of d’Auray, Crac’h and Carnac; and the Haut-Rhin department, Grand Est; Germany: Landkreis Heinsberg in Nord Rhein Westfalen.

Upcoming meetings

Title Date Timing Location
Airspace Management Subgroup (ASMSG) 66 - - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Joint RND/ASM/31 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Pension Fund Supervisory Board (PFSB) 48 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Operations and Development Sub-Group (ODSG) 50 - - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Route charges office working group (RCO WG) 14 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
NETOPS/28 - - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) 35 - - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Audit Board (AB) 135 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels