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Aireon Flow illustration

EUROCONTROL’s Deployment of Aireon’s Space-Based ADS-B for Flow Management

Tony Douglas

EUROCONTROL Aviation StraightTalk Live with Tony Douglas

Stakeholder forum

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on aviation standardisation

Luis Felipe de Oliveira
Live interview
EUROCONTROL Aviation StraightTalk Live with Luis Felipe de Oliveira
Airplane flying through data-rich skies
SWIM Webinar #1

How can I become SWIM compliant?

John Slattery
Live interview

EUROCONTROL Aviation StraightTalk Live with John Slattery

Drone flying through a city

U-space Lessons Learned Webinar #2

Drone flying through a city

U-space Lessons Learned Webinar #3

Fly AI
Live event
FLY AI #7 - AI training & change management in aviation

A FLY AI webinar moderated by IFATCA & IFATSEA

Stakeholder Forum

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on intermodal transport and regional connectivity

ENAIRE human factor days

Our key webinars

Aviation StraightTalk Live

Watch our exclusive interviews with the thought-leaders of the aviation industry.

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum

Discussing how to build back better aviation.


Demystifying and accelerating artificial intelligence in aviation.

Live webinars

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum

Dealing with the key issues to build back better aviation.

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum

Upcoming meetings

Title Date Timing Location
Military ATM Board (MAB) 29 - WebEx
Route charges office working group (RCO WG) 14 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Budgetary and Financial Working Group (BFWG) 4 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Civil-Military Stakeholder Committee (CMSC) 5 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) 37 - - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
President’s Bureau (PB) 8 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Audit Board (AB) 141 - EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels
Maastricht Coordination Group (MCG) 101 - Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre

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