2018 WEATHER FORUM - Weatherproofing the network, a collaborative approach

3 - 4 May 2018

Managing weather is a challenging task for air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports and airspace users alike. Improving the collaboration and trust between these actors and addressing each of their individual needs may be one solution to ensure the safe and efficient operation within the network.

With this in mind, EUROCONTROL as Network Manager organised a forum with the goal to make resilience to network-wide weather events a routine part of operational and business planning. Through the event, our objective was to come up with a set of proposals and potential procedures to improve weather management that could be implemented in the short- and medium-term.


Managers and representatives from all operational sectors concerned with weather resilience issues joined us in answering some of the sector's fundamental questions:

  • Do we have the right weather forecast?
  • How do we elevate local weather information at network level?
  • What best practices have you established in your particular area?
  • What do we need to improve in our collaboration and what is currently stopping us?
  • What would you like to see implemented to improve weather management across the network?


The presentations from the event are available for download below:

Topic Presentation
Welcome and practical information
Chris Peregrine, EUROCONTROL
Collaborative procedures, the experience beyond the ocean
Ron Schneider, Federal Aviation Administration
The forecasting overview
Elizabeth Krajewski, WSI
Weather information for Europe
Jaakko Nuottokari, EUMETNET
Karlsruhe - a cross-border approach to weather
Holger Schneider, Karlsruhe Area Control Centre
Vienna - a cross-border approach to weather
Ralph Michalke, Austro Control
NMOC weather trial – an example of engagement
Geert Lamsens, EUROCONTROL
Changing nature of weather and impact on operations
Heini Noronen-Juhola, Helsinki Airport, Finavia
An airport/air navigation service provider coordinated view
Eric Derogée, Amsterdam Airport
Weather in airline aircraft operator control centre work
Raphaël Eyrolle, Air France
The controller view
Ignacio Baca, Air traffic controller at IFATCA
The pilot view
Klaus Sievers, ECA
The regional airlines view
Torsten Hossle, Senior Training Captain, Flybe



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