UAS ATM Common Altitude Reference Systems - webinar #4

17 May 2019

There are methods of determining the altitude of an aircraft using a pressure difference and pilots estimation of altitude when flying a small UAS can be  is uncertain. The variability in performance and altitude measurements call for a need of a reliable and standard way to measure the altitude of a UA (Unmanned Aircraft).

Following two successful webinars with participants from a variety of fields in aviation, we are pleased to invite you to yet another discussion on the topic of common altitude reference systems for UAS.

You will have the opportunity to share ideas on how to better integrate UAS into airspace. The discussion will build upon previous webinars and welcome new ideas and approaches to the issue at hand.

Kicking off at 10:00 CET, the webinar will address:

  • Aircraft separation;
  • UAS altimetry;
  • Common technology for determining height or altitude and common datum.

The ultimate goal is to collate ideas and opinions expressed by all airspace users and consolidate them into “Discussion paper”. So far we have been delighted with how well these events have been received and the enthusiasm of participants to share and learn from the community’s best practices. We hope you will join us for this next iteration!


Registrations are now closed, but you will be able to find the main deliverables from the event on this page. You are also welcome to join the next webinar.

How to join

We will host this webinar via WebEx. Once you have registered, our organisers will send you a link to the conference. If you do not know how to join a WebEx conference, watch this video:


This joint EUROCONTROL-EASA webinar is part of a reoccurring series of three such events with the aim to discuss the problems associated with integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the airspace along with manned aviation. The series focuses on three distinct issues:

  • Flight rules,
  • Airspace assessment and
  • A common altitude reference system.

DATM Strategies team

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