Surveillance services information days 2017

6 - 7 December 2017

The Surveillance services information days 2017 were organised under the scope of the deployment of harmonised and interoperable high-performance European surveillance systems. Their objective is to strengthen cooperation between the civil and military ANSPs and the industry on the challenges they are faced with.

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Presentations - Day 1 Speakers
Opening Remarks & Introduction Jean-Marc Duflot, SRS Unit Manager
Welcome Speech Pascal Dias, Head of Network CNS-IM Services Division
Overview of Surveillance Services Jean-Marc Duflot, SRS Unit Manager

All-purpose Structured EUROCONTROL
Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX)
Development and Implementation

Alexander Engel, Senior Expert Standardisation
Benjamin Cramet, Surveillance Expert
Surveillance Data Distribution: SDDS Hans De Haan, SDDS Service Manager
Surveillance Data Processing: ARTAS Antonio Principe, ARTAS Service Manager
Surveillance Analysis: SASS-C Jekaterina Trofimova, SASS-C Surveillance Expert
Performance-based Surveillance Gilbert Caligaris, Surveillance Senior Expert
Cyber Security and Surveillance Services Patrick Mana, Security Expert
Industry Policy Burkhart von Erlach, Customer Support and Services Access Management
ANSP Perspective on the Usage of Surveillance Products Robert Guttman, Surveillance Data Processing Systems Expert, Austro Control
EUROCONTROL Training Portfolio Jan Brutsaert, ATM Training Expert
Presentations - Day 2 Speakers
Future of SRS - Overview Jean-Marc Duflot, SRS Unit Manager
Surveillance Opportunities and Challenges Christos Rekkas, Head of Surveillance Modernisation Section
Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) Henk Hof, Head of ICAO and Concept Unit
Space-based ADS-B Charlie O’Loughlin, Manager Surveillance M&E Systems at Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)
UAS-ATM Situational Awareness (RPAS, drones, U-space) Peter Alty, EUROCONTROL UAS-ATM programme/project management
Non-Cooperative RPAS Surveillance David Sancho, NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre
Innovative Concepts in Surveillance Data Processing Hans De Haan, SDDS Service Manager
Big Data - Example of SURV Data Application Paula Santos, ATM Systems Quality & Safety expert, Surveillance data processing expert at NAV-P
Wrap up & Closing Jean-Marc Duflot, SRS Unit Manager



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