Bird's eye view of present drone integration below 500ft

6 - 7 April 2017


RPAS workshop addressing the current ATM operational integration issues

On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 April 2017, EUROCONTROL hosted a RPAS workshop aiming to create a common picture of the current European integration status of RPAS operations below 500 ft. Present operations are mostly VLOS and several States have started BVLOS operations under certain conditions.

How are States, RPAS operators, industry and ANSPs dealing with this? How is it affecting present manned operations below 500ft? What short term solutions have been found and implemented? These are some of the questions the workshop sought to answer through the sharing best practices and lessons learned.

The workshop aims at the present integration needs before U-Space comes into effect. Amongst others the European Commission, SESAR Joint Undertaking and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) presented their work to date and several States provided an insight how they are handling the integration challenges.

Industry also presented their products and services from simple apps that provide easy to interpret Aeronautical information, to complex management systems supporting RPAS operations.

In addition, there were hands-on work sessions, allowing all to gather everyone’s perspective. The objective was to develop a joint short term action list aiming at a harmonised European ATM approach in integrating RPAS operations.


Titles and speakers Presentations


Session 1


Frank Brenner, Director General


Objectives of the workshop
Paul Bosman, Head of ATM Strategies


Session 2: Institutional perspective


Creating an EU drone ecosystem by 2019
Vincente de Frutos, DG MOVE, European Commission


Unmanned aircraft: regulatory framework in the EU
Natale di Rubbo, EASA


Establishing a clear roadmap
Alain Siebert, SESAR Joint Undertaking


Integration RPAS safely into airspace - vision for the future
Eduardo Garcia, CANSO


Session 3: States perspective


UAS Traffic Management - France
Catherine Ronflé-Nadaud in charge of drone matters at the DTI
René Zanni, Adviser of DSNA CEO for drone matters


RPAS - advancing aviation and keeping the sky safe - United Kingdom
Andrew Sage, NATS


The DFS perspective on safe and fair integration of UAS into the national airspace system - DFS
Angela Kies, Issue Management UAS at DFS


Overview of the Spanish practices on RPAS CivOps - Spain
Guillermo Morato Lara, AESA


Session 4: Airspace users perspective


An operator's view
Koen Meuleman, VITO


UTM: the French State Aviation point of view
Alan Galabert, DSAE


RPAS integration below 500ft
Felix Gottwald, European Cockpit Association (ECA)



Session 5: Industrial perspective

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Altitude Angel Download
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Breakout sessions

Aeronautical Information Download
Aispace Assessment Download
BVLOS Operations Download
Urban Operations Download
C2 Data Link Download

Conclusions by Philippe Merlo, Director ATM




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