NewPENS Launch Event

17 April 2018

To mark the official launch of the New Pan-European Network Service (NewPENS), EUROCONTROL held an event at its Brussels Headquarters on 17 April 2018.

NewPENS is an unparalleled common procurement contract in European air traffic management. With air traffic on the rise, NewPENS will provide solid support to European aviation, securing cross-border network connections and underpinning safety-critical applications. The ultra-resilient network will connect more than 200 locations across 47 countries in the European / North Atlantic Region.

NewPENS will meet both current needs for data exchange between air navigation service providers and the wide spectrum of stakeholders, as well as enabling the deployment of services foreseen by the SESAR Programme. Its technical service catalogue will evolve with technology and business requirements.

The event featured four keynote speakers:

Eamonn Brennan
Vice-Chairman NewPENS Top Management Board (TMB) and Director General of EUROCONTROL. His presentation is available for download below:


Maksim Et-hemaj
Vice-Chairman PENS Executive Board (PEB) and Head of the Technical Division, Air Navigation Services of Albania.

Maurice Georges
Chairman TMB and Director of the French Air Navigation Service Provider, DSNA.

Bas Burger
CEO of Global Services, BT.

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