European Higher Airspace Operations Symposium

2 April 2019

Higher airspace or the area above FL 600 is becoming a new frontier for flight. The emergence of new airspace users such as balloons and solar planes, which are highly connected and automated is creating new opportunities as well as new challenges. The needs of these new users, which bring with them new business opportunities and societal benefits have to be accommodated.

With an environment that is already constrained, aviation in general and air traffic management in particular need to identify how to manage these new challenges. To accommodate aviation growth and these “New Entrants” in a safe, orderly, environmental friendly and sustainable manner, will require a major change in how ATM is conceived.

Of course this is not just a European issue –  all parts of the world are facing similar challenges. During the recent ICAO 13th Air Navigation Conference, the 192 States agreed to develop a performance based global framework enabling this operation.

In order to identify the appropriate European framework and Concept of Operations, there is a need to understand new technologies and concepts of operation, their possible impact, and the potential interactions within the aviation system.

The European Commission (DG MOVE in association with DG GROW) in cooperation with EUROCONTROL, the European Aviation safety Agency (EASA) and the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) are organising the first European Higher Airspace operations Symposium.


The objective of this one-day event is to raise awareness of this emerging development and to provide elements for an European Concept of Operations which will serve as one of inputs for the global framework.

The Symposium will bring together European and international organisations, private industry, regulators, operational stakeholders.

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