Civil-Military CNS Interoperability Workshop

15 November 2018

Paving the way for a more efficient and automated European aviation network.

The new challenges in aviation open the door for a more efficient and automated network which requires a modernised and integrative communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure.

Moreover, global interoperability, the new all-inclusive aviation concepts and architecture, and the related rationalisation of the CNS infrastructure, provide a perfect framework for a more cooperative civil and military ATM/CNS network. In this context, it is essential that the levels of interoperability between civil and military systems are enhanced and that technology cycles are synchronized.

Against this background, EUROCONTROL hosted a one-day interactive Civil-Military CNS Interoperability Workshop aiming at raising participants' awareness about the challenges facing the military and other stakeholders in the field of CNS in Europe. The event fueled a discussion around potential solutions for fulfilling emerging civil-military interoperability requirements whilst minimising the technical impact and cost for military organisations.

The event's objectives included:

  • Demonstrating the importance of civil-military CNS interoperability in aviation;
  • Identifying CNS research objectives and opportunities vis-à-vis civil-military interoperability and technology convergence;
  • Discussing the CNS technical challenges and interoperability approaches for military operations while moving towards higher levels of systems integration/connectivity and security.


Topic Presentation
Administrative information
Ricardo Oliveira, EUROCONTROL
Civil-Military cooperation in the ICAO context
Thomas Bombaert, ICAO
EASA developments in the Civil-Military interoperability context
MGen (Rtd) Denis Koehl, EASA
CNS research developments
Philippe Renaud, SESAR Joint Undertaking
Civil-Military CNS interoperability roadmap
Jorge Pereira, EUROCONTROL

Air-Ground Datalink Communications

Heiko Teper, SESAR Deployment Manager Download
Jacky Pouzet, EUROCONTROL Download
Bart van den Einden, EUROCONTROL Download

Performance-Based Navigation(PBN)

Ricardo Oliveira, EUROCONTROL Download
LtCol Gérard Simon, French Ministry of Defence Download

Mode S and ADS-B

Thomas Oster, EUROCONTROL Download
Jean-Philippe Saulay, NATO Download
Allan Storm, U.S. Department of Defence Download
Eric Potier, EUROCONTROL Download

System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

Dominique Guillerm, EUROCONTROL Download
Jean-Pierre Faye, THALES Download

Performance Equivalence

Dominique Colin, EUROCONTROL Download
Sven Rensmeyer, European Defence Agency Download
Dolores Valer, Airbus Defence and Space Navigation Systems Download

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

Dominique Colin, EUROCONTROL Download
Vicente de Frutos, European Defence Agency Download
Conclusions & recommendations
Jorge Pereira and Ricardo Oliveira, EUROCONTROL



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