BADA user group and conference 2018

17 - 18 October 2018

We are delighted to invite our users to the 2018 Base of Aircraft Data (BADA) User Group and Conference. This year's event is kindly hosted by NAV CANADA at their training institute and conference centre in Cornwall, Ontario.

At our annual rendez-vous, users from air navigation service providers, aircraft manufacturers, R&D bodies and the air traffic management support industry come together to discuss the evolution strategy that will keep BADA at the forefront of the aircraft performance modelling domain.

The event is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the technical aspects of the BADA aircraft performance model and its capabilities. Moreover, it is a forum of fellow aviation professionals from various air traffic domains who share, learn, discuss and network.


Use the link above to register for the event. In addition, NAV CANADA offers participants an all-inclusive package deal for hotel accommodation and meals at the conference hotel.

Be a presenter!

Are you interested in presenting at the BADA user group and conference? Speakers should expect to present for 20 minutes to share information about their work; they should test and challenge the audience, trigger discussions and tease new ideas from them.

You can present on a variety of topics, ranging from R&D simulations and modelling to frontline real-life air traffic operations. If you are interested, please let us know on our dedicated form.

Please complete the registration form and submit your presentation proposal as soon as possible, ideally no later than 1 September 2018.


To take advantage of an all-inclusive group rate at the conference hotel offered by NAV CANADA, make sure you book your room before 1 September 2018; the number of rooms is limited.


The BADA team keeps up the pace and evolving continuously. The first day of the conference will focus on the latest developments and results.

More information is available in the agenda below.

Day 1 - 17 October 2018

Time Session
8:00 - 8:30 Arrival and coffee
8:30 - 8:45 Introduction & Keynote speakers
8:45 - 9:30 Warm-up and getting to know each other - introduction of participants, field of work, interests and expectations from the conference
9:30 - 12:00 What’s new in BADA:
  • BADA Family 3 & 4 status and recent developments
  • New helicopter model: theoretical overview, datasets and application
  • BADA licensing – how to meet legal requirements without jeopardizing efficiency and easy access to BADA
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 16:30 Tackling challenges - Workshops and Idea-storms – all around DATA topics
  • BADA Theoretical model highlights and dependency on aircraft performance reference data
  • ICAO aircraft designators and impact on ATM/ATC applications – link with BADA and ways to align developments and publication
  • New trends in aircraft performance modelling:
    • What could we do with Big Data/Machine Learning techniques?
    • How could we use Extended Projected Profiles (downlinked trajectories)?
19:00 Group Dinner
NAV CENTER Propeller Restaurant

Past experiences have confirmed that the most precious moments of the BADA conferences are lively discussions and inspiring presentations from the participants.

The second day of the conference is fully dedicated to these kinds of exchanges between BADA users. This is the day where you will be given the floor to present your work.

Day 2 - 18 October 2018

8:00 - 08:30 Arrival and coffee
8:30 - 12:00 Morning conference:
  • Innovative approaches in aircraft performance modelling
  • ATM simulation and modelling
  • ATC operational applications
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 15:30 Afternoon Conference:
  • Modeling the environmental impact of aviation
  • All others topics
15:30 - 16:30 Closing activity and discussion:
  • Roses and thorns of the Event
  • Q&A, Next Conference, …



NAV CANADA Training Institute (NCTI)

1950 Montreal Road
Cornwall, ON K6H 6L2

BADA Support Team

Report a problem or make suggestions

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