Agency Research Team (ART) workshop on aviation economics and business Models

EUROCONTROL's Agency Research Team (ART) organised its eleventh workshop on the topic ‘Aviation Economics and Business Models’. The workshop was hosted by ENAC in their facilities in Toulouse. 


The workshop focused on the business models of various aviation stakeholders and how they are likely to evolve in the future, e.g. as a function of new traffic participants as well as the impact of regulation and incentives schemes, including environmental regulation.

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Learn all about the topics covered and the outcomes from the ART event.


Airports as two-sided platforms

Estelle Malavolti Toulouse School of Economics / ENAC

Impact of innovation on air transport organization

Isabelle Laplace ENAC

Perspectives for Aerospace Research in Europe: recommendations relevant for airline economics and finance

Luiz Braga Campos Técnico Lisboa

Evaluating economic benefits of air traffic management projects

Kirsteen Purves EUROCONTROL

Measuring the impact of leasing on airlines' cost efficiency: a stochastic frontier analysis

Catherine Muller Toulouse Business School

Airport economic value – informing business models

Denis Huet and Gérald Gurtner EUROCONTROL and University of Westminster

Airports in the mobility chain – challenging business models

Andrew Cook University of Westminster

Measuring airline networks

Chantal Roucolle ENAC

Regulation and market incentives in aviation

Inge Mayeres TML Leuven

COCTA: Coordinated capacity and demand management in a redesigned Air Traffic Management value-chain

Radosav Jovanović University of Belgrade

Entry games for the airline industry

Christian Bontemps Toulouse School of Economics / ENAC

An adjustable Route Charges Mechanism

René Verbeek NLR

Market power and volatility in the airline industry

Philippe Gagnepain Paris School of Economics

Passenger behavior and use of travel time in multimodal door to door travel experience

Nathalie Lenoir ENAC

Regulation and market incentives in aviation

Inge Mayeres TML Leuven