AeroMACS Open Day

6 July 2018

An Open Day on AeroMACS – the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System - is taking place on 6 July at Leonardo’s premises in Florence. It is organised in the context of the SESAR 2020 PJ14 EECNS - Essential and Efficient Communication Navigation and Surveillance Integrated Systems.

AeroMACS is the ICAO recommended technology for coping with increased volumes of data exchange at busy airport surfaces and supporting safety and business critical communications for airports, airlines and air navigation service providers.

Hosted by Leonardo and its SESAR partners - EUROCONTROL and Airtel, the open day will feature a demonstration of prototypes developed in the context of the solution. Participants will be able to learn about the solution design and the use cases underpinning it and discuss the next stages.

Nikos Fistas is presenting EUROCONTROL’s involvement in AeroMACS and how it is important for aviation.

EUROCONTROL’s presentation on AeroMACS is available below: