2018 Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP) event

4 October 2018

EUROCONTROL is holding the 2018 Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP) event at its headquarters in Brussels. Join us in celebrating 25 years of air traffic management implementation reporting in Europe! The one-day event is organised as part of the Agency's strong commitment and support to all ATM Master Plan implementation activities.


The event will focus on the:

  • recent developments in the area of implementation reporting in Europe,
  • evolution of the ATM Master Plan,
  • changes to the ATM Master Plan Level 3 2018 Plan,
  • conclusions of the main 2017 reports,
  • 2018 LSSIP process.


This event is open to all LSSIP focal points and experts representing the States, the NSAs, the air navigation service providers, the airports and the military organisations.


Registrations are now closed. For last minute registration requests contact the LSSIP Support team.


There will be one dedicated shuttle from Brussels Central Station in the morning (leaving at 8:30).

Introductory webinar

Newcomers to the LSSIP reporting process are invited to join our webinar. The two-hour teleconference (WebEx) will introduce you to the ATM Master Plan and LSSIP process.


Individual meetings

To ensure that the support we provide to our Member States is tailored to their needs, our team will contact the national Focal Points to arrange and coordinate unilateral, bilateral or FAB meetings. These meetings will answer our stakeholders' specific questions and provide additional information about the LSSIP work at national and FAB levels.

The national Focal Points will be asked to coordinate internally and confirm whether the individual meeting will take place:

  • directly after the 2018 LSSIP event in EUROCONTROL’s HQs,
  • via teleconference (WebEx) after the event, or
  • in their State at the date most suitable for all stakeholders.


EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels