2017 Local Single Sky ImPlementation (LSSIP) Kick-off

16 - 17 October 2017

EUROCONTROL is holding the 2017 Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP) Kick-off event at its headquarters in Brussels. The event is organised as part of the Agency's strong commitment to support the reporting activities of States in their deployment of the ATM Master Plan.

The aim of the Kick-off event is to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the LSSIP reporting exercise are fully aware of the 'raisons d’être' of the process and are able to finalise their national 2017 LSSIP document.

At the 2017 LSSIP Kick-off event, we will:

  1. provide an update on the developments that may influence the LSSIP mechanism,
  2. guide our participants through the new and substantial changes to the implementation objectives,
  3. showcase the findings of the Master Plan Level 3 2016 Report,
  4. present the new template, processes, tools and guidance material for the 2017 cycle, and
  5. ensure bilateral meetings at Functional Airspace Block (FAB) and State levels.


This event is open to all LSSIP Focal Points, State experts, national supervisory authorities (NSAs), air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports and military organisations.


Registrations are now closed. However, if you are still interested in joining the event, please contact the LSSIP Support team.


There will be dedicated shuttles from/to Brussels Central Station. More information will be available in the final agenda.


The Master Plan Level 3 planning and reporting process:

  • allows for a comprehensive picture of the implementation of the Single European Sky package across ECAC States, both regulated under the Pilot Common Project (PCP) or not regulated,
  • ensures that EUR Region States report to ICAO about their progress on the GANP ASBU modules, and
  • allows the alignment of the performance of State plans with the evolution of ATM.

The process is a prime element to be used by States at the policy level of SESAR Deployment.


16 October - Day 1

Session 1: Welcome to participants + opening of Kick Off Event Presentations
Adriaan Heerbaart, Director DPS  
Session 2: Review and acceptance of the agenda
Danny Debals, DPS/PEPR  
Session 3: How can the LSSIP mechanism serve multiple purposes:
ATM Master Plan
Luca Dell'Orto, DPS/PEPR
Danny Debals, DPS/PEPR
Jos Laarhoven, EDA
SESAR Deployment
Predrag Venjkovic, DPS/PEPR
Svel Halle, ICAO
Session 4: Master Plan Level 3:
2017 Implementation Plan
Oscar Alfaro, DPS/PEPR
2016 Implementation Report
Predrag Vranjkovic, DPS/PEPR
Session 5: European Master Plan ATM Portal
Jorge Pinto, DPS/PEPR Download
Session 6: LSSIP Expert Group activities
LSSIP Expert Group Acting Chairman Download
Session 7: New developments in the 2017 LSSIP cycle:
LSSIP Ways of Working
Agnieszka Dybowska, DPS/PEPR
LSSIP Database
Jorge Pinto, DPS/PEPR
Session 8: Break-Out Sessions
Topic 1: “LSSIP related cooperation between national stakeholders (CIV-MIL, Airports, others) – how to achieve the most effective application of the LSSIP mechanism within the national environment?  
Topic 2: “How to achieve a better harmonisation of all ATM Implementation reporting mechanisms, including LSSIP?  
Overall ATM Master Plan and LSSIP mechanism Download
Session 9: Wrap-up of Day 1
Danny Debals, DPS/PEPR  

17 October - Day 2

Session 10: Outcome of Break-Out Sessions Presentations
Topic 1
Frédéric Rooseleer, Agnieszka Dybowska and Igor Marcetic
Topic 2
Topic 2
Ana Paula Frangolho
Topic 2
Facilitators, DPS/PEPR
Session 11: Wrap-up of plenary session  
Danny Debals, DPS/PEPR  
Session 12: FAB and/or Bilateral Meetings  
Contact Persons, national Focal Points and Stakeholder(s) representatives, DPS/PEPR  



EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels