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EASA and EUROCONTROL Joint Workshop
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Competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) is the preferred ICAO method for designing and implementing training and assessment programmes for aviation personnel and is considered the most effective pedagogic approach to enhancing performance and enabling reliable mutual recognition of licences. On the regulatory front, Europe is leading the way with the introduction of CBTA into ATCO training.

Come and join us on the 20th and 21st November to explore this exciting topic, get informed about the EASA regulatory proposal, learn from those who have already implemented CBTA, find out how other aviation domains are approaching CBTA, shine the light on the challenges of implementing CBTA and discuss how we, as the European ATM training community, can help each other to become CBTA trailblazers.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is particularly useful for:

  • Training managers, course designers and SDTIs/OJTIs team leaders from all training organisations involved in Initial and Unit training in Europe
  • Competent authorities approving training courses and overseeing training organisations in Europe
  • Industry stakeholders concerned with ATC training
  • Training organisations and regulators from outside of Europe who would like to share and gain experience with this global initiative

Note: The focus of the main session on Day 2 is the European implementation of ATCO CBTA, however we anticipate that everyone attending may benefit from these discussions.

The workshop is free of charge to attend. Delegates pay for their own travel and subsistence expenses.

Due to room capacity, we can only accommodate a maximum of 100 participants. Due to the popularity of this event, all places have now been taken. If you would nonetheless like to be put on the waiting list, you can register below. We would encourage you to register as all participants, and those interested stakeholders who are waitlisted, will be given access to the presentations and recordings after the event.


10:15 - 10:35

Welcome and opening


Principal Advisor - ATM
Rik Dermont
Head of EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
10:35 - 11:05

Session 1: Setting the scene - ICAO and EASA activities in CBTA

Find out about the evolution of CBTA in the air transport industry and more specifically in the ATC domain. How does ICAO approach CBTA in its Personnel Training and Licensing Panel? How does EASA's NPA 2023-02 on Training of the Next Generation of ATCOs fits into this larger context?


Senior Expert – FCL
Ashley Lauryssen
Senior Training Expert
EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
Zsuzsanna Erdelyi
Senior Expert - ATM/ANS
11:05 - 11:35

Session 2: How much do you know about CBTA?

A fun interactive competition. You can chose to compete anonymously or make yourself known.

11:35 - 12:05

Session 3: The Airline Experience of CBTA

Airlines have been implementing CBTA programmes since 2003. In this session, Lufthansa will share their experience of implementing competency-based approaches and the efficiencies they have managed to achieve.


EBT Manager
12:05 - 12:35

Session 4: The ATC Experience of CBTA

During this session, ATC colleagues share their experience of implementing CBTA.


Development Director - Head of Training
Head of Training
12:35 - 13:40


13:40 - 14:50

Session 5: The experience of CBTA - Panel Discussion

In recent years, the expansion of CBTA training programmes has accelerated. In this context, panellists who have already implemented CBTA will share what they have learnt so far. You are invited to participate in this session, share your experiences and explore with the panellists, the opportunities and challenges that CBTA provides for meeting future training needs. This session will also consider the experiences and perspective of the competent authorities.


Ashley Lauryssen
Senior Training Expert
EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre

Brendan Woods, ATS Inspector, IAA
Zdenka Polanecká, ATC Instructor, Czech ANS
Patrick Hermes, Team Leader Pre-Operational Training, EUROCONTROL MUAC
Rianne Koomen, Course Manager TWR/APP Schiphol, LVNL
Stefan Schink, Inspector ATOs, LBA

14:50 - 15:20


15:20 - 16:10

Session 6: The NPA

After a brief summary of the comments received for the NPA 2023-02, you will have the opportunity to discuss or get clarification on technical aspects of its content as it relates to CBTA.


Zsuzsanna Erdelyi
Senior Expert - ATM/ANS
ATM/ANS Expert
Senior Training Expert
EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
Ashley Lauryssen
Senior Training Expert
EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
ATM/ANS Expert
16:10 - 16:50

Session 7: CBTA Metrics

What would we do if we had Europe-wide protected, reliable, accurate and comparable data about the performance of our ATCOs? Would data allow us to tailor our common training objectives, focus our efforts where they are most needed, demonstrate that our training systems are functioning optimally?

During this session, IATA will discuss how CBTA data gathering and metrics may be used to improve safety and enhance the efficiency of a training system.


Head of Training & Licensing - SFO-Flight Operations
16:50 - 17:00

Final session: Preparing for Day 2

9:00 - 9:40

Session 8: Looking forwards – how can we use CBTA data to improve safety and our training system

Can gathering CBTA data help us as ATOs and as ANSPs, and as a European ATC training system to contribute to safety enhancement, improved training efficiency and effectiveness? We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to start gathering data on the effectiveness of CBTA in a uniform way – can we do it?

This session explores EASA's D4S project, what is possible for us to do to gather data that will help us to evaluate and improve our training system, contribute to safety through training and allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the regulatory process.


Ashley Lauryssen
Senior Training Expert
EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
Data4Safety Project Manager
09:40 - 10:00

Session 9: Mapping European ATC CBTA

  • Have you already implemented CBTA?
  • How close do you think your organisation is to what is proposed in the NPA2023-02?
  • How ready are you to approved CBTA courses?

Let's map our CBTA landscape.

10:00 - 12:00

Session 10: Shining a light on the opportunities and challenges - Facilitated sessions (Part 1)

Together, let’s think outside the box about the potential opportunities that CBTA gives us, while also exploring the technical and operational challenges of transitioning from the existing training philosophy to CBTA. Let's find ways to work together and help each other on this CBTA journey.

Four separate sessions will explore Initial training, Unit training, STDI/OJTI assessor training and competent authorities, with a plenary to report back on each session.


Initial training

  • Dragan Milanovski, Performance and Partnerships, EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
  • Kerstin Sjöbeck, Development Director - Head of Training, EPN

Unit training

  • Andreas Sauerwein, Team Leader Licensing & Compliance, EUROCONTROL MUAC
  • Celine Tobe, Head of ATM Development Programme, DSNA


  • Bogdan Braguta, ATM/ANS Expert, EUROCONTROL/EASA
  • Vladimir Bubalo, Senior Training Expert, EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre

Competent Authority

  • Johan Grauers, ATM/ANS Expert, EASA
  • Brendan Woods, ATS Inspector IAA
12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 14:05

Shining a light on the opportunities and challenges - Facilitated sessions

Continuation of this session, featuring the plenary.

Plenary Facilitator:

Training Manager NMOC
14:05 - 14:30

Interactive feedback from workshop participants

14:30 - 15:00

Workshop summary, conclusions, actions and closure