Technical interchange meeting (TIM) on modelling and simulation

People getting trained on the EUROCONTROL aircraft simulator.

EUROCONTROL and the United States' Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) jointly organised a technical interchange meetings (TIM) on the topic of modelling and simulation.

The goal of the meeting was to exchange know-how and research results and encourage collaboration and harmonisation of aviation research using simulation and modelling.

As a follow-up, areas of collaboration were identified during the event in order to discuss how harmonizing approaches, tools, scenarios and analysis techniques can lead to more effective and cost-efficient simulations and improve comparability, paving the way for distributed and cloud-based simulations.

The scope of the TIM included both real-time/HITL and model-based simulation and specifically, as well as human-machine interaction.

Agenda and presentations

Our full agenda contains the detailed topics and time slots.

Welcome and Context Setting

Eric Neidermann and Dirk Schaefer FAA and EUROCONTROL

Enabling Innovation in Aviation: How can a Regulator help Bridge the Gap?

Robert Stallard CAA

Action Plans 5/9: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Modeling and Simulation

Albert Schwartz and Jürgen Teutsch FAA and NLR

ED-147 - How the Standard for Interoperability of ATM Validation Platforms supports European Verification and Validation Activities

Thomas Damm DFS

The Importance of Modeling and Simulation in both Research and Industrialization Phases – What are the Differences/Commonalities?

Jürgen Teutsch NLR

Converging Measures: Integrating Diverse Data Sources in ATM Human-in-the-Loop Simulations

Kenneth Allendoerfer and Ben Willems FAA

Agent-Based Simulation Used for Aviation Validation, Evaluation, and Integration

Premysl Volf Agentfly Technologies

The challenge of a strict open data-open source approach to air traffic simulation

Jacco Hoekstra TU Delft

Synergies between HITL and Modeling Platforms


Airport Management Simulation Platform / Multi-Remote-Tower Validation Platform TowerLab

Sebastian Schier DLR

Enabling a smooth transition from Validation to Deployment

Leo van der Hoorn EUROCONTROL

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Modeling & Simulation Activities for Air Traffic Management

Tom Reynolds, James Jones, & Gabriele Enea MIT LL

Fast-time Modeling Techniques for Evaluation of new ATM Concepts

Min Xue NASA

New Environment for Composable Fast-Time Simulation

Pete Kuzminski & Matt Pollock MITRE

Customizing Visualizations to Support Simulation Projects

Christina Young FAA

Interactive performance dashboards: Making sense of Big human performance Data in large-scale real-time simulations


EVAA, a Machine Learning Traffic Generator based on a Multi-agent System

Aurelie Peuaud SopraSteria

Briefing for Breakout sessions




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As part of the U.S.-Europe Collaboration Plan, we work closely with the FAA to organise TIMs on topics of interest and relevance for the air transport research community on both sides of the Atlantic. The first of these TIMs took place at the EEC in Brétigny on 24th and 25th September 2018; it was dedicated to ‘Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence’ and attracted around 90 participants. These events are organised as part of EUROCONTROL's research coordination and cooperation activity.