SWIM service implementation workshop

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We are excited to announce a workshop to support the implementation of SWIM information services. 

The workshop objective and topics

The objective of the workshop is to share experience and demonstrate SWIM service implementations, including the application of the existing EUROCONTROL SWIM specifications and EUROCAE ED-254 “Arrival Sequence Service Performance Specification”.

The workshop is aimed at both existing and future SWIM implementers, to allow them to share and discuss the experience in developing and implementing SWIM based on these specifications.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Operational and prospective SWIM information services in all ATM domains (airports, ANSPs, the military, MET, the network, etc.);
  • Development of SWIM information services applying the SWIM specifications;
  • SWIM technical infrastructure;
  • Provision of ATM data services as SWIM information services.

For additional information, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you at the workshop.

Draft agenda

Time Topic and speaker
13:30  Welcome
13:45  Keynote
14:00  Transition to SWIM – building an operational system, by Snowflake Software
This talk will discuss SWIM implementation experience of Snowflake Software’s Flight Object Manager product running operationally as the SWIM Gateway in the United Arab Emirates for over a year, looking at the challenges and discoveries made along the way. We will also cover the SWIM in ASEAN Trials being run in the Asia-Pacific region and our experience of using SWIM TI Yellow profile to exchange information between multiple SWIM systems.
14:30  Lightning Round - Introduction exhibitions
15:00  Opening exhibition & Coffee break
15:30  Standards, Compliance and Interoperability with OGC WFS v2.0, by Indra Avitech
An OGC compliant WFS-T v2.0 implementation that offers AIXM 5, IWXXM, AMXM, or any GML-based application schema. Lessons learned with integrating WFS with SWIM-enabled applications and compliance with OGC and SWIM standards.
16:00  Local 4DWxCube: from Source to Service, by LEONARDO Germany GmbH
In this session, we will present the concept of the local 4DWxCube together with its implementation as the Ground Weather Management System (GWMS) prototype.
16:30  Sharing the AIXM 5.1 Aerodrome mapping data and Digital NOTAM via SWIM Interface, by NG Aviation SE
In this session, we will be sharing the AIXM Aerodrome mapping data via SWIM interface for the use cases like airline pilots accessing the newest digital data, vehicle driver using the map with digital NOTAM and GNSS position.
Time Topic and speaker
09:00  Introduction – Morning session by SESAR Deployment Manager
09:15  Deployment status AF5, by SESAR Deployment Manager
09:45  LFV SWIM Service implementation supported by a COTS Integration platform, by LFV - Air Navigation Services of Sweden
An overview of the LFV stepwise implementation of SWIM Service, including a detailed view of the integration platform used and some initial applications with SWIM Services implemented. Pilot applications are presented, handling data from different sources within the categorization of self-service-briefing.
11:00  Coffee break & Exhibition
11:30  MET SWIM Services: enhanced weather information and how to access in the future, by EUMETNET EIG
Highlighting some of the experience of the MET community in producing new and regulated MET services and their access point to this information.
12:30  Walking Lunch & Exhibition
14:00  SWIM Specifications updates, by EUROCONTROL
An overall update on the EUROCONTROL SWIM Specifications focusing on the latest developments, including an example implementation of a SWIM TI YP conformant infrastructure, a new version of the SWIM Registry and a EUROCAE’s Geo-fencing example.
15:00  Coflight Cloud Services to Provide remote flight data processing services, by French DSNA
Coflight Cloud Services (CCS), an advanced flight data processing system to deliver remote flight plans.

Arrival sequence service implementation for Orly and CDG airports, by French DSNA
DSNA experience in Arrival sequence Service to Air France and ADP for Orly and CDG airports
15:45  A-CDM SWIM solution for large, medium and small airports, by LFV - Air Navigation Services of Sweden
Digital information for secure sharing with improved collaboration and awareness for air/landside actors for Airport Flight, Event, MET and Runway Services. ATC, AU, APOC, MET, MED, Validation of Operational Procedures/Use cases including technical description of interfaces and Service Tool.
16:30  Networking Reception
Time Topic and speaker
09:00  Introduction
09:15  Leonardo SWIM Technical Infrastructure, by LEONARDO S.p.A.
Present the capabilities of the Leonardo SWIM Platform with focus on Cyber Security features and implementation of SWIM Yellow and Purple Profile (SWIM Air/Ground) and corresponding trials using SATCOM/AEROMACS communication infrastructure and use of IPv6
09:45  Implementing Harmonised SWIM TI Yellow Profile solution in COOPANS Alliance, by COOPANS
Background, plans and lessons learned so far for COOPANS INEA funded project to build the foundation for SWIM capabilities.
10:15  Coffee break & Exhibition
10:45  Innovative Aeronautical Information management solution for U-Space and ATM presented, by IDS AirNav
Aeronautical Information Management solution for ATM and UTM based on a set of interoperable OGC WMS/WFS and REST services able to manage data changes, data extensions, data validation and data extractions by different filters and output formats.
11:15  Transitioning from AMHS to SWIM, by Frequentis AG
Frequentis presents three services that aid the transitioning from AMHS, using gateway functionality to enable interconnectivity between the SWIM and AMHS world.
11:45  SWIM TI Green Profile for Civil Military Information Sharing, by Thales Group
This briefing presents the SWIM TI Green Profile focussing on cyber security requirements and demonstrates how the Green Profile could facilitate military flights in tactical control through Green Profile-enabled operational exchange.
12:15  Wrap-up and conclusions, by EUROCONTROL


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